Twitter Reacts To The Renewal Of Netflix’s “Heartstopper”

Within the four weeks that Heartstopper has been on Netflix, fans have established themselves as kind, thoughtful, and hilarious. Here are some of the best fan and cast reactions to the news that the show has been renewed for 2 more seasons.

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On April 22nd, 2022 Netflix released the first season of “Heartstopper”, an LGBTQ+ show adapted from Alice Oseman’s graphic novel series. The show has become an instant hit, along with a 100% fresh rating on RottenTomatoes. The cast has gained millions of followers and Twitter accounts dedicated to the show have been gaining huge followings, too. 

On the morning of Friday, May 20th, Netflix announced that the show was going to have a multi-season renewal: both season 2 and season 3 of the show have been confirmed! This is a semi-rare treat for Netflix fans, considering the streaming service’s pattern of canceling fan-favorite shows (I’m still mad about Julie & The Phantoms and The Society, by the way). 

Fan and cast reactions started pouring in on Twitter immediately. As it turns out, the”Heartfelt” fandom has some heartfelt, funny, and incredibly loyal. Here are some of our favorite tweets:


We’re looking forward to it and we’ll see you there, Tobie.


The season 2 and 3 announcement of “Heartstopper” means that the show will be able to develop Charlie’s struggle with mental health. While it may be hard to watch, I’m excited to see how the show handles these tough topics. The moment referenced in this tweet is a part of an important scene on how to support those going through mental health issues and, fingers crossed, we’re all hoping to see Olivia Colman convey this significant message in season 2. 


*takes a deep breath*


That feeling when your character is supposed to be fluent in French and you’re not.


Honestly…I support it.


LGBTQ+ media matters…good LGBTQ+ media that is. RIP Riverdale, but it might just be your time to go. 


I can’t help it, I love a good multi-fandom meme.


No spoilers, but uh yeah…mixed emotions for this plotline 


Is the “Heartstopper” cast with puppies really too much to ask for?


And finally, easily my favorite reaction and the inspiration for this article to begin with: the trending of  “WE DID IT JOE”, referencing the famous video of Vice President Kamala Harris congratulating president Joe Biden after winning the 2020 election. “Heartstopper” fans have cleverly adopted this phrase as a way to congratulate the fandom and the cast, more specifically Joe Locke, who plays Charlie Spring. 

The “Heartstopper” season 2 and 3 excitement has just begun and will undoubtedly keep growing. Will you be tuning in?

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