Everyone Shut Up ‘Heartstopper’ Has Two More Seasons Coming

Heartstopper on Netflix has been renewed for two more seasons! Do you think the next season will follow as closely to Alice Oseman’s graphic novels? Let’s get excited for the next chapter of the show!

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Netflix has just announced that the Heartstopper story will continue with two more seasons. We can all take a breath now, and just rejoice that we’re guaranteed to get more of Nick and Charlie!


Keep in mind this is a Netflix adaptation of Alice Oseman’s graphic novels which is a four-part series! The first season of the show covered the story of Nick and Charlie, two friends turned lovers, who first appear as supporting characters in the author’s first book Solitaire.

When the comics were picked up, Oseman was asked by See-Saw Films to try their hand at writing the screenplay. Luckily for us, it worked out in the end and Oseman was very involved from the beginning to the end of the show, acting as writer and executive producer. Perhaps that’s why the show does such a good job of portraying the comics.

Cover of "Heartstopper: Volume One" graphic novel by Alice Oseman

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We all know that Netlfix has that nasty habit of getting everyone really excited about a show and then never renewing it for another season. I am so excited that Heartstopper will not be falling prey to that classic blunder.

The representation on screen and the storyline of the show is something that we’ve been missing in television nowadays. In an interview with Netflix, Oseman said, “There’s a lot on TV now that has queer content, but it’s definitely for adults… a lot of queer stories are very serious or focused on trauma.”

The LGBTQ+ community (and many others) are clawing their way into the ring of representation, so to see a show that is centered around queer love do so well has us on the edge of our seats.

We aren’t quite sure what the next two seasons are going to be about, but we can be sure that it won’t hold back.

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