‘Twilight’ Fandom in an Uproar Over New TV Series Announcement

Our favorite vampire family is coming back to the screen! Let’s take to Twitter to see how the ‘Twilight’ fandom is handling this new TV Series update.

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What is going on!? Have we unearthed new Twilight content that warrants a whole new cast and series?! As an avid lover of this series, I think not.

Lionsgate Television has just announced that there is a Twilight TV series in the works. The original (and only) film franchise with the actors that we all know and love grossed more than $3.4 billion worldwide. I don’t know who on this good green earth thinks they can create something with the intensity the original movie series has, so good luck to them.

Sinead Daily, who has written for shows like The Walking Dead: World Beyond, has been tasked to write the new Twilight script. It has not yet been determined if the show will be a remake of the books or a completely different telling. It is said that Stephaine Meyer will be involved with the television adaptation so there is hope that they will stay by the book.

I hopped onto Twitter ready to see the absolute chaos this announcement caused, but nothing could have prepared me for the slew of passionate tweets.

Brace yourselves; these Twilight fans have some words.


Tweet via @FilmUpdates

This was one of the first tweets I saw. I never know for certain if this account is truthful but it certainly was this time.


Tweet via @twilightreborn

Agreed. How can these new directors and producers think they can grasp even an ounce of this cinematic masterpiece?


Tweet via @archivetwilight

Mic drop.


Tweet via everydayrobsten

I think any chance we (the fandom) have to use this scene, we’ll do it in an instant. It truly encompasses any upsetting situation.


Tweet via @notgwendalupe

This scene is forever painted in my mind.


Tweet via @prettymagicx

Though slightly terrifying, the tweet makes a good point.


Tweet via @bellaxkristen

The one and only Bella Swan!


Tweet via @itshdgilbert

I cannot fathom a new cast that has this kind of hold on the fandom.


Tweets via @THR and @pattinssn

This one had me absolutely wheezing. Edwards’s face says it all.


Tweet via @timcqthe

Chemistry on and off screen!


This tweet comments on not only the Twilight remake but the Harry Potter series that is also in the works,

Tweet via @barnessrob



Tweets via @FilmUpdates and @comcswim

I love when fandoms take interviews and relate them to the drama. This perfectly encapsulates a lot of us right now.


Tweet via @inkbugfic

BWTHHYBL is stamped permanently on my brain.


Tweet via @battinzel

This man IS Edward Cullen. I’m sorry Rob; I know you want to be Batman, but you just can’t shake being a vampire.


Tweet via @gldivittorio

Why else would this be happening?


Tweet via @picskristen

No one can hold a torch to her.


Tweets via @DiscussingFlim and @Targ_Nation

Is something wrong Edward? Such an adverse reaction when meeting the love of your life!


Tweets via @FilmUpdates and @twilightreborn

Once again, Edward has a perfect face for this news.


Tweets via @FilmUpdates and @pattinsongifs

This compilation. Are you kidding me? Who can top this man!?


Tweets via @DiscussingFilm and @norttinson

This. Photoshoot. The perfect ending to it all.


This was my entire feed. Needless to say, the Twilight fandom has some strong feelings about this new TV show. I am right there with the rest of the fandom when I ask, why is this happening?

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