Try ‘A DeadbEAT’s Meal’, A New Webtoon You’ll Crave

Read ‘A DeadbEAT’s Meal’ a new Webtoon about the daily life of a jobless, recently single man, who goes on several food adventures while trying to get his life together.

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Have you ever had the urge to try new foods, specifically Korean food? Even if you may not enjoy the spicy tastes of most Korean-based dishes, I can assure you it’s appealing to the eye. The new Webtoon A DeadbEAT’s Meal, showcases Korean cuisine, with amazing art graphics. Creator CHEESE enjoys all types of food and created this Webtoon so others can see the cultural cuisine. It’s a slice of life drama that updates every Wednesday. I hope your eyes are ready to feast on this new Webtoon!

A DeadbEAT’s Meal: Plot


Jaeho adores food, all his adventures revolve around discovering new Korean cuisine and different combinations. Many people call him a deadbeat because he is jobless. It’s difficult finding a job that sticks, but that won’t stop him from indulging his tastebuds. He enjoys… I mean enjoyed these food discoveries with his girlfriend of seven years. Now he’s puzzled, where did he go wrong? Jaeho looks back into their past for a sign of what changed Yeo Eunho’s heart.

Ready for the food fanatic characters?

Food Fanatic Characters!

Kim Jaeho


Jaeho has been job seeking, but nothing lasts long. The stress makes him feel inferior, but filling his world with food helps. But things take a dark turn when his long-term girlfriend breaks up with him, and he’s scrambling to figure out why.

Seo Sujeong


Sujeong is now an employee at a telecommunications company, the days at the office are overwhelming and she’s too busy to eat. With her hectic new life dynamic, she doesn’t eat as much. She decides to break up with Jaeho and focus on herself and how to balance her health, diet, and career.

Yeo Eunho


Yeo Eunho appears in the live-action Korean tv show. Although she isn’t a part of the Webtoon, her character adds a little something extra to the perspective of food. Unlike the other two characters, she is voluntarily unemployed. She believes eating is the best part of life and makes it worth it. It has been three months since she quit her job, being overworked by an advertising company isn’t good for your health. Although her cuisine quests have been healthy and mindful, she feels lonely and seeks a friend to share this experience with.

The Korean tv show was released in 2021 go check it out!


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