Top 5 Book Besties Who Go Together Like PB&J

Are you a fan of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches? Duh! They’re classic! Well, today we have five book besties that match each other just as well!

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Here at Bookstr, we pride ourselves in celebrating rare and obscure holidays! You may have even noticed us rejoice over National Candy Day recently! The thing is, most people don’t know that November is National Peanut Butter Month. For those of us who enjoy peanut butter, we don’t need an excuse to delight in a spoonful of the creamy confection. But there’s a few people who either don’t like peanut butter or simply can’t indulge (darn you life-threatening allergies)! So, this November, we’re taking a look instead at five pairs of book besties who go together like peanut butter and jelly!

Clary and Isabelle

Book Besties Clary and Isabelle

First on our list are these gorgeous Shadowhunters besties! Looking at Clary Fray and Isabelle Lightwood, you would think that the artsy redhead and the sultry brunette have nothing in common! As it turns out though, there’s more to both of them than meets the eye. Their friendship is immediately noticeable in the television show, but definitely takes more time to progress in Cassandra Clare’s original Mortal Instruments series.

Clary and Isabelle complement one another very well, providing each other with the female companionship that they’ve both lacked! It feels as though Isabelle particularly was victim to the ‘I don’t have girl friends’ trend that has been popular in the past, but Clary is her wonderful exception! In return, Isabelle offers Clary advice and a tether to the supernatural world beyond just Jace (Clary’s love interest)!

Nesta, Gwyn and Emerie


Considering the amount of hate Nesta Archeron (of Sarah J. Maas’ A Court of Thorns and Roses) has received in the past, this book bestie trio is well deserved. Comprised of Nesta, Gwyn Berdara and Emerie, the three girls (or should we say valkyries?) make the very best of friends! Thrown together not by circumstance but by choice, they exemplify the most loyal of friendships in the ACOTAR series.

A Court of Silver Flames introduces all three women as victims of various acts of loss and destruction. Together, they find confidence in themselves as not just victims, but as survivors too. While they’re bonded by some individual trauma, that is not the basis of their friendship. It’s easy to see that they all adore and would do absolutely anything for each other!

Karou and Sarai

Book besties that go together like peanut butter.

At first we weren’t sure if we should include Karou and Sarai, but ultimately they’re too good to pass up! Technically they’re not from the same book series, but are implied to be from the same universe! So… close enough! Karou (from Laini Taylor’s Daughter of Smoke and Bone series) and Sarai (from Taylor’s Strange the Dreamer duology) definitely have a lot more to bond over than you might expect.

Their worlds overlap quite a bit! Both Sarai and Karou are adolescent girls with the weight of the world, it seems, on their shoulders. We think if they ever met (which could very well happen) it would be quite the epic get together! Karou and Sarai could learn a lot from each other; we could even see Karou being something of a tour-guide for Sarai as she explores Earth!

Bryce and Danika


Bryce Quinlan and Danika Fendyr of Sarah J. Maas’ Crescent City series are two more SJM-verse besties we simply had to include! While Danika (big, big spoiler alert here) might be dead, it goes to show just how eternal and epic their love for each other is that even death can’t keep them apart! In fact, there’s something to be said about Bryce and Danika being the real love story of the series, but that’s neither here nor there!

In the moments where we get to see them together, Bryce and Danika bring out the absolute best in each other. More than that, they do what real best friends do and never judge or shame the other for their vices or flaws. It’s clear that Danika was and always will be Bryce’s platonic soulmate and vice versa, no matter what comes between them!

Mal and Alina


We couldn’t help ourselves with this one! Sure, Leigh Bardugo’s Mal Ortesev and Alina Starkov are technically love interests, but they were always best friends first! The Shadow and Bone fandom may be divided on who they ship, but it’s hard to deny that these two characters don’t have a bond that defies time, distance and anything else you can think of!

For both Mal and Alina they are one another’s ties to normalcy––but not just normalcy and the safety it represents. There is a sense of home and belonging too. Yeah, the Darkling might be exciting and he might be handsome, but Mal is who Alina can lean on. Alina, similarly, is someone Mal can turn to. They can truly trust one another, just like real besties should!

Sadly, we’ve come to the end of our list. There are so many other book besties that we can also include, but if we keep going now, we’ll never stop! We hope you’ve enjoyed taking a peek at these wonderful pairings with us.

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