This Revolutionary Queer Publisher Redefines the Industry

Introducing Midnight Meadow Publishing, a groundbreaking publisher that fights for marginalized voices and equality.

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An up-and-coming indie publisher is rising in the industry, and it’s definitely one readers and authors alike should keep their eyes on! Meet Midnight Meadow Publishing, a neurodivergent and queer-owned and operated publishing house whose mission is to uplift voices in LGBTQ+ literature and spread its poignant messages. This breakthrough company emphasizes diversity, inclusion, and equity in more ways than just their books!

A Catalyst for Change

As a publisher of LGBTQ+ fiction, Midnight Meadow rewrites the narrative for the cutthroat publishing industry. Their diverse masthead and authors mean their mission isn’t performative; they truly understand the experiences of underrepresented voices and engage with the community they wish to uplift.

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In an insightful TikTok by Michael LaBorn, Midnight Meadow allows their authors 50 percent of their book’s royalties, and the company’s staff receives equal pay regardless of rank, all while promoting storylines and authors serving as critical representation. LaBorn encourages people to buy from and support Midnight Meadow, stating that their mission can and will make a positive difference in the world. In recent times of book bans and political and economic turmoil, Midnight Meadow is a saving grace to readers and writers and a guiding light for other publishers to follow.

Ways To Support

Book jacket for Melissa Karibian's A Song of Silver and Gold. The pirate ship and ornate kingdom loom on the horizon of a green ocean. At the bottom right, below the title, is a green mermaid tale.

On Midnight Meadow Publishing’s online bookstore, readers can browse tons of exciting past and upcoming books in eBook format, hardcover, hardcover book box, paperback, or paperback book box. Also offered are book bundle options, such as the Sapphic Pirate Bundle, which includes Melissa Karibian’s A Song of Silver and Gold, Shawna Barnett’s Windfall, and Sheila Jenné’s Black Sails to Sunward. Readers can also purchase bookish gifts with these bewitching novels, such as sweatshirts, blankets, and stunning bookmarks!

Read with intention and support Midnight Meadow Publishing! If you’re an author of queer fiction, be sure to keep Midnight Meadow on your radar!

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