Bookstr Team’s Ultimate Favorite Fantastic Female Protagonists

We asked our team to put together a list of some of their favorite fantastic female protagonists. Come read our picks!

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Spanning several different genres (including fiction, fantasy, and manga) and mediums, each of these female protagonists has their own unique qualities that make us absolutely adore them. And we’re certain you’ll adore them too! Read on to see who’s on our list.

Rose Hathaway from the Vampire Academy Series

Rose Hathaway is the ultimate badass. She’s a lot like me — sarcastic, witty, and never listens when she’s told what to do. Plus, she can kick major ass, and I’m a second-degree black belt, so I like to think we’d be really great friends. She’s also just funny in general and doesn’t take sh*t from anyone.

Rose Hathaway with a ponytail and a black jacket.

Yet, she’s also incredibly caring and loyal, and won’t let anyone or anything hurt those that she cares about. She’s bold, daring, has a big mouth, is intelligent, and reckless, and at her core, she has a strong moral compass and doesn’t let anything hold her back. Also, despite her circumstances, she doesn’t consider herself a victim, and I think that’s incredibly empowering. 

Alexandra Mellott, Editorial

Sakura Kinomoto from Cardcaptor Sakura

Sailor Moon might’ve been my childhood idol, but Sakura claimed the rest of my life. She’s the most grounded 10-year-old I’ve seen. She made me wanna get a bob cut as a kid (when I only cared for Rapunzel-length hair), and she’s incredibly athletic — which… I wish.  Not to mention, with a rich best friend who makes half her clothes, her fashion game is next level.

Cardcaptor Sakura cover with a girl and a mouse on the front.

This girl’s living the dream! All that aside, Sakura’s never afraid to flash her big heart to those she loves. Plus, she overcomes every challenge with one simple motto: “Everything will absolutely be all right.” She’s a true role model.

Gabriela Collazo, Editorial

Elena Deveraux from The Guild Hunter series and Charlee Cox from Boss Man Bridegroom

I just couldn’t choose one. These two leading ladies are so very different, and yet I think they would make the best of friends! Elena is a bada** vampire hunter who takes no prisoners and yet has this mushy, soft side for her friends and family.

Book covers with a shirtless man and a blonde woman on the right.

Charlee Cox is an organization Queen of an EA with the perky and quirky personality to go with it. They both hold their own against alpha male MMCs and bring a refreshing take to the FMC scene.

Kristi Eskew, Editorial

Rue from Euphoria 

Euphoria has been one of my favorite shows since it was released. I love the beautiful camera shots and color aesthetic. The plot is so eye-opening and addictive to watch, that I ended up binging the entire first season in one day. The main character, Rue, I have always loved dearly. Her story is so detailed and significant, and all you want to do as a viewer is help her dig out of her flaws.

Rue from Euphoria with curly brown hair and a burgundy jacket.

She is quite a fighter, and I find her dark humor very likable. It is difficult to follow her struggle at her lowest points, but it makes you feel more connected to her as a viewer. You want to see her succeed, and I found myself in tears whenever she made her mistakes. But I love Rue because she is one of the most realistic humans I have seen in a character. 

Erin Ewald, Editorial

Rishe Irmgard Weitzner from 7th Time Loop: The Villainess Enjoys a Carefree Life Married to Her Worst Enemy!

Rishe is stuck in a five-year time loop, and she has made the most of that. She’s been a merchant, apothecary, alchemist, maid, hunter, knight, and now the fiancée of the man who killed her in her past life. She is strong, independent, and is always willing to help those in need, even if they hurt her.

A girl with pink hair in a dress on the cover.

However, she’s also not one to sit back and just let things happen — she takes an active role in every part of her life. She does what she wants even when others tell her not to, and she’s clever enough to get out of any sticky situation she gets stuck in. I wish I could be more like her.

Danielle Tomlinson, Editorial

Blue Sargent from The Raven Cycle series

From the moment I first read this series, I knew Blue would be one of my favorite characters of all time. I was a high schooler like her at the time, and I really admired a lot of her qualities. Blue is fiercely independent, unapologetically opinionated, and unafraid to stand up for herself when others don’t treat her well.

A black raven on the front with four boys in the background.

Plus, she’s the queen of sarcasm! I adore how loyal and dedicated she is to her friends; there’s nothing she wouldn’t do to protect them or make them happy. Altogether, she’s a badass female protagonist, and I love her more with every reread.

Lauren Nee, Editorial

Isabelle Rossignol from The Nightingale

After a spree of silly romance books, Isabelle’s character was so refreshing to read. As she fights with the Resistance, we, as the reader, watch her become this insurmountable character whose persistence is so inspiring.

The Nightingale cover with a yellow humming bird and a tower in the background.

Though she is tough, you see glimpses of her soft side as she navigates her relationship with her father and lover, which are very relatable. It was really nice to read about a female character whose purpose and goals were far, far grander than seeking love from a boy. She makes you want to go out and save the world. 

Kennedi Cutliff, Editorial

Pippa Fitz-Amobi from A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder

Papers strung together on the page with red string.

Pip is the it-girl of fiction for me! She carries the entire Fairview police department on her BACK for three books! She takes control of the injustice in her town, and she does not back down from a fight. She may become a bit unhinged as the series continues, but that’s what I love about her. She is such a bada**, and I need another book in this series!! 

Corinne Vergari, Social

Samirah al-Abbas from Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

Samirah al-Abbas is one of my favorite female characters in the Riordanverse. Even though I would have chosen Annabeth Chase, I decided to give Samirah the spotlight for this one (because she’s awesome). In the series, Samirah (who also goes by Sam) is a Valkyrie and the daughter of Loki. She may have his shape-shifting powers, but she refuses to use them because she doesn’t want to be like the god of mischief himself.

Magnus Chase cover with a boy holding a sword on the front.

She has faced prejudice from others due to her Muslim beliefs and being Loki’s daughter, but that doesn’t stop Sam from achieving her goals. Sam has a fierce and kind personality toward her friends, as she is loyal to the main character, Magnus Chase. She was always by his side, from helping him find the Sword of Summer to stopping her own father from starting Ragnarok. That is why she is my favorite female character. If you need a loyal Valkyrie friend by your side, Samirah is here.

Yesenia Maldonado, Graphics

Did we pick any of your favorite female protagonists? Were there any we didn’t choose that you think deserve a spot on this list?

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