The Purrfect Pairing of Cats and Books

Cats and books are a cozy combo that can make any reader’s day better. Read on to see why they make the purrfect reading buddy.

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Brown kitten with dark stripes placing its paws on a open book

Although we desire to be left alone while reading, there is one furry companion that we cannot deny. Cats and books are the purrfect combo for any reader. Yeah, there’s an abundance of cat hair and a hangry little furball demanding attention, but you will find no better reading buddy.

Emotional Support

This is the moment when our emotional support cats realize they have their work cut out for them. As we ride the emotional rollercoaster that is reading, we look to our feline friends for comfort. When we’re balling our eyes out over a character’s death or going into a deep book hangover, cats provide a cuddly cure.

Enhances Coziness

Grey and white cat held on person's chest while they hold a book above them both

Yes, warm blankets and fuzzy socks help make your reading experience cozy, but cats enhance the coziness factor exponentially. The combination of their soft fur and comforting purring will make your reading spot the best it can be.

A Cuddly Audience

Sometimes, we just need to rant and rant about what’s happening in our book. If we talk to our family or non-bookish friends, we’ll receive weird looks and too many questions. That’s where we turn to our cats for conversation. It may not be the most stimulating conversation, but they are a captive audience to whom we can vent.

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