Do Cats Create a Purr-fect Bookstore Experience?

Cats + Bookstores? I’m going to say yes, but what do our readers think? Let’s talk about bookstores with resident cats!

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Over here at Bookstr, our graphics team has sparked some discussion amongst our fellow booklovers! I’ve scoured through the comments on our Facebook post to gather your thoughts on cats in bookstores.

The real question I’m asking here is: Do you think cats enhance your bookstore experience? Personally, I think yes, and it seems like I’m not the only one who thinks so! Several users on Facebook had these things to say and some even recommended a few bookstores that have their own cats!

“Libraries with cats are also amazing! The local library has a cat named Bubbles!”

“Fun fact: cats are kept in a library to protect the books from mice!”

E Shaver Bookstore has 3 resident cats! They are beautiful cats. It’s also on a quaint square in Savannah, GA. Love this store.”

These two users even had a conversation about one of their own cats!

“you should open a bookstore with Paws! 10/10 would make the trip to NY!”
“omg he would love it but would injure so many people by pushing books out at them for no reason”
“that’s just his way of recommending a book for them. I would buy any book a cat threw at me”
“Well, then he has a lot of opinions about books he thinks I should be reading.”

Cupboard Maker Books has the best bookstore cats! There are resident cats that have their own loyal following on TikTok and they work with a local rescue to feature adoptable cats.”

Three cats sitting around a book on a stand, cover reads "Cat Burglar" by Carrie Jacobs. Image via Cupboard Maker Books on Facebook.

Even though we love our cats, there were some valid concerns brought up by a few Facebook users that we can’t deny need discussion as well.

“Nope. Too many people are allergic to cats. Keep them out of bookstores. Bookstores should be accessible for all.”

“Would love it if it was dogs. dogs belong in bookstores. Snuggle up with a doggo and a cozy blanket”

“I’m genuinely worried about the cat getting hurt or lost to relax and enjoy shopping.”
cr. @bookstroffical on Instagram, graphic cr. Griffyn Tijamo

For the most part though, people get pretty excited about the idea of cats in bookstores. You can find advocates for cats across every platform.

As someone who grew up on a farm surrounded by a menagerie of animals, having cats in a bookstore dials the whole experience up to eleven. What are your thoughts on these purr-fect bookstore experiences?

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