‘The Mushroom Girl’: A Calm Webtoon to Read in the Woods

Want a fun read that reminds you of the relaxing forest? Read Webtoon ‘The Mushroom Girl’ where a girl lives in a fantastical forest. A super rich guy from her past, a possible new friendship and making amends?!

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Need a Webtoon that reminds you of the forest and the tranquility of fall? Even though the season is transitioning into winter, you can be calm and scroll through this nature-esque comic– The Mushroom Girl. It’s starting to get cold and yet this read brings calm and cozy vibes. The beautiful art style will transport you into a fantasy woods aesthetic. Creator fiosketches updates their comic every month of the 7, 17, and 27. They just completed season 2, so catch up!

The Mushroom Girl: Plot

The Mushroom Girl Plot

Heir to the most famous tech company, Darian has fame, fortune, and a girlfriend. However, the one thing he desperately wants is true happiness. Will that feeling change when he helps Amy, a mysterious girl who lives in the forest/woods?

Meet the Characters

Darian Lee

The Mushroom Girl Characters

He is the heir to his father’s tech company and studied business, which put him on the right path to becoming the next CEO. However, he may have a bright future, but inside his heart, he isn’t happy. His older brother isn’t around and the forest where he would wander is on his mind. So, when he goes to clear his head, he didn’t expect to see Amy again. He still regrets the misunderstanding when they were younger and never wanted anyone to bully her. Her mushroom hat was beautiful and she was kind. However, his current girlfriend was one of Amy’s bullies, as were his friends. He wishes he can make amends and start anew.


The Mushroom Girl Characters

Amanita lives in the mystical forest and woods with her grandmother. All her life she wore a mushroom hat because it was made by her mother. While she spends time learning to tend the gardens, her social skills are lacking and she takes frequent naps. Ever since her grandmother got ill, she works to pay off the debt and the hospital bills. However, when income isn’t as high, she doesn’t know what to do. At least she has Kendra, and her three mushroom friends. It isn’t until Dean comes to her grandmother’s store that her past with him setting her up for bullying comes to haunt her.


The Mushroom Girl Characters

She is Amanita’s cousin who is short-tempered and protective of her. Kendra helps Amanita take care of their grandmother and is insistent that she move out of the forest. She dislikes Darian because of his social standing and what he did to Amanita years ago. Kendra loves to dance and shockingly has no awareness of the mushrooms.

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