‘The Last of Us’ Episode 3 Plans to Make Some Big Changes

Can’t wait for episode three? We have you covered! Here’s everything we know so far about the next episode of ‘The Last of Us’!

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HBO Max’s The Last of Us has exceeded expectations. The second episode of The Last of Us gained even more viewers on its premiere night compared to the first episode, achieving 5.7 million viewers. The first two episodes impressed fans of the video game by closely following the source material, but sources reveal the third episode is going to take a turn. If you want to go in blind, look away! But for those curious, here’s what to expect in the upcoming episode three of The Last of Us.

Small Teases

Ellie in the The Last of Us' game and in the adapted show.

Just based on stills released of the next episode, fans are excited to see a change in environment and costuming. Ellie’s iconic red shirt is finally here, matching her usual outfit from the game.

A younger Joel and Bill converse.

Fans an also recognize a familiar character returning, originally voiced by Earl Brown, but hitting the big screen as Nick Offerman. Bill is a short-fused and paranoid scavenger who, in the end, helps Joel and Ellie along their path. The still above indicates a flashback of some sorts due to Joel’s lack of grey hair and his thinner beard. As the video game strayed from expanding too much on Bill’s past, this flashback hints toward a way to give Bill more depth and backstory than the Bill we know from Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us.

Bill and Frank

Bill and Joel find Frank's body.

In the video game, Bill finds his lover, Frank, deceased, but other than the letter found, there’s not much expanded on their relationship or life before. Frank’s face isn’t even shown, but the trailer for episode three already showcases so much more about who Frank is.

Deviations from the Game

Between the two episodes shown, The Last of Us mirrors major cutscenes from the video game almost exactly, with one exception. In the game, Tess dies by fighting off FEDRA soldiers, sacrificing herself because she knows she is infected and will turn in time. At the end of episode two, Tess (Anna Torv) instead tells Joel and Ellie to leave her behind, knowing she is infected, and as walkers overrun the room, Tess lights a flame and creates an explosion to halt the zombies. This change is slight and effective. It makes the virus more personal and antagonistic. Fans can expect more changes to come in episode three.

Bill and Frank in the trailer for episode three of The Last of Us.

From an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, episode three is said to be centered around Bill and Frank. It will feature “some radical changes to the game’s story that will shock and perhaps challenge fans.” Is this an alternate death? A deeper dive into their relationship? A change in character? No matter what the switch is, the showrunners have not disappointed thus far and they promise this “deviation won’t be the show’s last, but overall the series is highly faithful to the game.”

High Expectations

Despite the next episode straying the farthest from the original story thus far, early screeners and reviewers have nothing but the highest praises for episode three. The original voice of Joel, Troy Baker, raved about what is to come. In an interview on Play Watch Listen, Baker urges viewers to brace themselves.

“I’ve seen up to episode five and, I can tell you right now, you get to episode three, you’re done. You are standing on your desk, “O, Captain! My Captain!” What it sets up in the first two episodes, it introduces you to the world if you have no idea what it is. It takes all of your expectations and just gets rid of them.”

Baker isn’t the only one crowning episode three as the best. Sitting at a runtime of 80 minutes, there will be a lot of content for viewers to decide if episode three lives up to the hype or not.

The Last of Us airs on HBO Max on Sundays at 9:00 p.m. ET / 6:00 p.m. PT. Click here for more The Last of Us content.