The Greatest Mashup: Golden Globe Looks Twinning With Book Covers

The 2024 Golden Globes brought some amazing looks! I matched some outfits and book covers I felt were twinning.

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Celebrities at the 2024 Golden Globe Awards

If you consume any form of media, you probably know the Golden Globe Awards were held on January 7th at The Beverly Hilton. Like many awards shows, the 81st annual event did not disappoint, showcasing many celebrities with some pretty interesting looks. While my personal preference is something more eye-catching — maybe with some bright colors, textures, or patterns — there were some very simple looks that I also loved. It’s also appreciated when celebrities go out of their comfort zone and try something new. I chose some of my favorite outfits that I feel could have been inspired by book covers.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift in a green gown next to the cover a book.

Maybe I just love Swift’s dress because my favorite color is green, but who cares! I like how the dress shimmers and shines, and I love that it’s still low-cut without being extremely revealing. The long, dangly earrings tie in with the reflective light on the dress, which I think was a great style choice. Swift’s dress isn’t an exact match to the one on the cover of The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, but it is comparable.

Greta Lee


I think I enjoy Lee’s dress so much because it is modest while also being a tad bit revealing and sexy, with a low back. It’s classy but still unique with the added layers to the skirt of the dress. When compared to the cover, you can see the resemblance in the flow and weight of the dresses in the skirt area. Lee also has short hair, like the girl on the cover.

Pedro Pascal


Although Pascal’s outfit isn’t an exact match to the book cover, I think his cool patterned shirt is what made me make the comparison in the first place. I appreciate his choice in wearing a turtleneck, compared to other actors who went with very traditional looks. I know his broken arm and cast aren’t a part of his outfit, but it does somehow remind me of the engineered man on the cover, making me want to pretend Pascal is a robot or futuristic man of some sort.

Hunter Schafer


I absolutely love Schafer’s whole outfit. I think keeping her hair and makeup simple really helps accentuate the beauty of the dress. It’s evident the dress is the focal piece. Personally, the reflection and shimmer of the dress is one of my favorite parts because it resembles how water can sometimes glisten in the sunlight, similar to the water on the cover.

Issa Rae


Rae’s dress makes her look like a ray of sunshine — no pun intended. The beautiful orange alone is already eye-catching, but the added pieces of shiny embellishments make it even more stunning. I mean it in the best way possible when I say she reminds me of a disco ball. The cover of the book isn’t extremely detailed, but the orange behind the silhouettes is what captures your attention, similar to Rae in this dress.

Barry Keoghan


Keoghan had one of my favorite male looks of the night. One thing I enjoy doing within my personal style is trying monochromatic looks so I can appreciate the attempt. Since Keoghan’s jacket and pants are the same color, I like how they are two different patterns/textures, but I do wish his shoes and dress shirt were some shade of red, too, to tie the whole look together. Otherwise, he’s looking pretty snazzy. When looking at the cover, the majority of it is red, which can represent the savageness that takes place in the book, and Keoghan’s all-red fit reminds me of the storyline.

Natalie Portman


This is one of my favorite looks of the night. I love the ombre kind of look that’s going on and I think the colors emulate spring and summer. I like how the dress is more form fitting at the top and flows out towards the waist. The cover shows what looks like a spring or summer sunset, and the colors in Portman’s dress match really well.

Amanda Seyfried


Seyfried’s gown wasn’t on the top of my favorites list from the award show, but I do love the big bow detail as well as the fit of the dress. The dress is velvet, which I like because it gives it a ’90s grunge vibe. For me, when I hear the title The Bone Witch, I picture something dark and evil but equally powerful, and I think Seyfried’s dress is a great comparison to that.

Nicolas Cage


Cage put his own twist on his suit with the gold patterned jacket. The pattern isn’t over the top or tacky, yet still noticeable and interesting. I like that he kept his tie black, but I think he also would’ve looked good in a bow tie, and it would’ve stood out from the other outfits men had on that night. Cage matches the cover in terms of colors but also in terms of simplicity.

Matt Bomer


Not only do I love the color of Bomer’s suit jacket, which reminds me of the blue on the book cover, but I love the fact that he decided to dress it down without a tie and having his shirt unbuttoned. It’s a mix of casual and sophisticated. I feel like his hair is a display of that as well since it’s not super slicked back but left flowing. He looks effortlessly cool but still dressed appropriately for the occasion.

There’s all of it! I hope you see the similarities between the outfits and book covers too. Overall, I enjoyed taking a look at all the different fits (wishing I had this kind of wardrobe)!

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