The Davenports to Be Adapted Into a Television Series

The bestselling novel The Davenports will soon be made into a television series. Read on to learn everything you need to know about the news.

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The popular young adult novel The Davenports is making its way to the big screen. A recent announcement revealed that the book by Krystal Marquis will be turned into a television series by Prime Video. The upcoming series will also be a production by Amazon MGM Studios and Warner Bros. Television. Alloy Entertainment has also signed on to the project with Leslie Morgenstein and Gina Girolamo as executive producers. Currently, there is no screenwriter attached to this series, but a search is underway. Since The Davenports was a bestselling novel, there will likely be a lot of anticipation and excitement for its adaptation.

What is The Davenports About?

The year is 1910, and The Davenports are a family full of wealth. They are also one of the few black families of the time with affluence and high status. The novel follows two of the family’s daughters and two of their close friends. The eldest daughter, Olivia, is expected to get married soon, hopefully to someone else of affluence like Jacob Lawrence, in the name of the family’s reputation. However, Olivia meets Civil Rights activist Washington Dewitt, someone she wants but not someone her family would approve of. Then there is the younger sister, Helen, who is not the most ladylike and wants to work with cars. Since it is a new era of transportation, Helen’s father doesn’t trust them, but Helen wants the freedom to express her interests.

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Then there is Amy-Rose, the daughter of the family’s maid who is almost like family herself. However, when she develops feelings for the oldest son, John, will the family truly accept her? Finally, there is Olivia’s friend Ruby, who also has her sights set on John. Since her father is trying to be mayor, they also push for Ruby to be with John. Can she make that happen? These four women each have unique stories to tell, and they all go back to finding love and being strong women when society tries to hold them back.

The Novel’s Popularity

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This novel gained a lot of popularity quickly upon release. It was instantly a New York Times bestseller as sales immediately grew. The books also gained overwhelmingly positive reviews from professional critics and the public alike. It was also nominated for Best Young Adult Novel at the Goodreads Choice Awards, coming in ninth place. It was also a Kirkus Reviews Best Book of the Year, a #1 Indie Next Pick, and a Heartland Booksellers Award Winner. The popularity meant it was only a matter of time for the novel to grow even bigger with an adaptation.

Krystal Marquis’ Career

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The Davenports came out in January 2023 and was Marquis’ debut novel. The novel initially started as a draft for the NaNoWriMo Challenge before it blossomed into what it is today. While at Boston College and the University of Connecticut, Marquis studied biology. When she is not writing, she works as an environmental, health, and safety manager for an online retail company. Marquis always had a love of reading and writing, and now that love has taken her to bestselling success.

The Upcoming Sequel

Book cover of "The Davenports: More Than This" with a well-dressed woman having her hand kissed by a well-dressed man with a purple background.

While it appears that Prime Video’s intention was to adapt the original novel of The Davenports, the family’s story does not end with that novel. A sequel to the novel, The Davenports: More Than This, is set to come out later this year on November 12th. This upcoming novel brings back the captivating Davenport family for brand-new adventures. Without revealing too many spoilers, one of the women now has a wedding to plan, which should be the talk of the town. The other women will be dealing with heartbreak, exciting dreams, new businesses, and some interesting new acquaintances. There is a lot in store for the four women, and time will tell if this wild, imminent book will also make its way to the small screen.

The Davenports was praised for its drama, romance, and diversity. Readers were eating up this compelling new tale. The four women’s different stories could be interesting, but combined, they make for something truly exciting. Because there are multiple narratives in this book, it was the logical choice for this novel to be adapted into a television series instead of a film. The television series will give the book’s details more room to develop. Since there is no screenwriter, the series will likely not be seen for a while, but the big-name production companies attached are promising. Fans will just have to wait for all of the thrills to come to life.

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