Seacrest Siblings Surprise Announcement: Inspiring Debut Children’s Book

Love Ryan Seacrest? Love children’s books? You have come to the right place! The Seacrest siblings announce their upcoming children’s book out this year!

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image of the Seacrest children's book, "The Make Believers."

Look out, Ryan Seacrest fans, your favorite celebrity is collaborating with his sister Meredith on an upcoming children’s book! Are you looking for a new comfort book for you and your family? Want something with a warm meaning that will help your kids sleep at night? Simon and Schuster will release the sibling duo book in the upcoming months, continue reading to learn more about the book and its release date!

The Make-Believers

The Make-Believers from Ryan Seacrest and sister Meredith Seacrest Leach is a magical children’s story inspired by the siblings’ own childhood. The two hope to encourage their readers to use their imaginative skills and share their dreams with others. The book will hopefully motivate their readers to dream as big as they did when they were younger, and the importance of sharing your goals with your loved ones for some good old support!

Image of three children and a dog looking up at a rocket in the sky.

The book will be written by both siblings, followed by fabulous illustrations by Bonnie Lui. Bonnie is a truly inspiring illustrator featured in many children’s books, including the New York Times best-seller, My Little Thief by Augusten Burroughs. Her illustrations are uniquely creative and are found in many influential children’s books, including the Seacrest sibling’s book!

“The idea behind The Make-Believers is so important to us, as it was inspired by our own childhood growing up just outside of Atlanta, we both wondered what life was like beyond our everyday surroundings, and from a young age, we discovered that our imaginations doubled as tools to dream big and travel far.”

The Seacrest Siblings, Ryan and Meredith

Though this is a fantastic project the siblings are working on, it is not their first time working together on something inspiring. In 2009, the duo created the Ryan Seacrest Foundation along with their family. The foundation was created to help kids in children’s hospitals by installing media centers called “Seacrest Studios.” These centers help children explore the fascinating aspects of new media, such as radio and television broadcasting. It is immensely helpful for kids in the process of their stay in pediatric hospitals.

Image of the Seacrest family together at the Seacrest Studios in a local children's hospital.

Similar to this project, the two siblings hope their new children’s book will send an important message to youngsters: follow your dreams, no matter what is stopping you. The book is set to release October 8th, 2024. If you are looking for the perfect book to help encourage your child’s creative gears, do not forget to pick up a copy of the Seacrest sibling’s book this fall!

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