The Best Vampire Academy Quotes That Changed the Series

We put together a list of some of the best and most poignant quotes from Vampire Academy that affected the series and characters in impactful ways. Come read our choices!

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Rose and Dimitri from the TV show touching foreheads with the cover of Vampire Academy and Last Sacrifice on the sides.

Published in 2007, turned into a movie in 2014, and later adapted into a TV series that premiered on September 15th, 2022, Vampire Academy has remained a popular series among readers. In honor of the series, we take a look at some of the best quotes from the books that somehow changed the course of the series. These quotes continue to live in our heads and have become some of the most swoon-worthy lines in YA literature.

SPOILERS AHEAD: This article may contain spoilers, so please read on with caution.


No. If I let myself love you, I won’t throw myself in front of her. I’ll throw myself in front of you.

Dimitri, Vampire Academy

Probably the most popular quote from the series, and it’s from the first book. This quote is said by the MMC and romantic interest, Dimitri, to the FMC, Rose. Dimitri tells Rose that he cannot love her, though they both have feelings, for the sake of their jobs, which is to protect and sacrifice themselves for their Moroi (vampires they must protect) if needed.

How is this not the saddest and yet most beautiful excuse for not being able to love someone? This line establishes the relationship between the two of them for the course of the next few books, unable to admit their passionate feelings, yet having them anyway.

Murder, but in a Loving Way

I set off, off to kill the man I loved.

Rose, Shadow Kiss

This quote comes later on in the series, after (Spoiler) Dimitri gets turned into an evil vampire (Strigoi) who tries to kill anything that he encounters. Rose, the love of his life, decided she must hunt him down and kill him, as the two of them had promised to each other. If ever they became a Strigoi, the other would kill them to prevent them from the fate of becoming a cold-blooded murderer. This line is the finishing line of one of the books, and it sets the stage for the next one, which begins with Rose doing exactly as she says: hunting down to murder the man she loves.

Rose and Dimitri from the TV show Vampire Academy sitting next to each other while Dimitri puts his hand on her leg.


I don’t belong to anyone. I make my own choices.

Rose, Last Sacrifice

This quote comes in the last book after Dimitri and Rose have broken up. However, the two know they still have feelings for each other. Dimitri comes up with a string of excuses as to why they can’t be together, as he feels like he doesn’t deserve her, and he tells Rose that she’s still with Adrian and belongs to him. Rose, knowing she doesn’t love Adrian like she does Dimitri, replies with this quote, and all hell breaks loose. (Spoiler) They get back together after a steamy night together.

More Murder

Juliet had it easy; she never had to kill Romeo.

Rose, Blood Promise

Similar to the quote above about murder, this quote also comes after Rose realizes she must hunt down Dimitri. This quote just shows how much the two care for each other; Rose is Dimitri’s Juliet, and he’s her Romeo, and now she has to kill him. Could you imagine killing the man you love?

Rose and Dimitri from the TV show Vampire Academy touching foreheads with their eyes closed.

Fighting for Others

You said you were a victim. That’s why…that’s why ultimately, you and I aren’t matched for each other. In spite of everything that’s happened, I’ve never thought of myself that way. Being a victim means you’re powerless. That you won’t take action. Always…always I’ve done something to fight for myself…for others. No matter what.

Rose, Last Sacrifice

This quote comes after Dimitri and Rose get back together in the last book, and she has to break things off with Adrian. This is what she tells Adrian about why they cannot be together and why they don’t work together. This quote is empowering and explains Rose’s character over the course of the entire series. She’s a formidable woman who will do anything to fight for those she cares about, even when the whole world is turned against her.

More Love

She was right about something else too,ʺ Dimitri said after a long pause. My back was to him, but there was a strange quality to his voice that made me turn around. ʺWhatʹs that?ʺ I asked. ʺThat I do still love you.ʺ With that one sentence, everything in the universe changed.

Last Sacrifice

This quote seems pretty self-explanatory, but those words changed Rose’s and Dimitri’s life forever. We melt every time we read this quote!

Rose and Dimitri from the TV show Vampire Academy smiling at something off camera while wearing their uniforms.

Did any of these quotes stand out to you or make your heart melt? Were there others that we didn’t include? There’s just something about these quotes that did it for us.

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