The Alchemist New Film Adaptation is in the Works

Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist may finally be getting a movie adaptation written by Jack Thorne, after other studios failed.

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Paulo Coelho’s famous novel The Alchemist is receiving a new film adaptation through Legendary Entertainment and TriStar Pictures. Coelho’s novel has almost made it to the screen before, but previous scripts never met his standards. However, Legendary Entertainment and TriStar Pictures have acquired the rights and are set on creating a successful adaptation of such a popular book. Here’s what makes The Alchemist such a great novel and who’s set to work on the adaptation.

What is The Alchemist?


The Alchemist follows Santiago, a shepherd who wants more in his life than herding his animals. He goes on a journey to discover more of himself, others, and life as a whole. The novel is very introspective, and the impact it has on readers is what makes it such a memorable read. It talks about self-growth and self-discovery, which are reflections that most readers appreciate.

Over 150 million copies of the book have been sold, and it was on the NYT best-selling list for over 300 weeks. While the book’s success wasn’t instantaneous upon release, it’s now one of the most purchased books ever. Coelho originally wrote it in Portuguese in 1988. Since then, it became an international bestseller and the most translated book worldwide by a living author.

If a studio could make a film adaptation that had even half the success that the novel did, it would be worth the effort. Warner Brothers previously attempted to adapt the novel but Coelho did not like the scripts. Westbrook Studios also had the rights previously, and yet also failed to create the final product.

However, the book has been successfully adapted into a graphic novel and a stage play. So adaptations are possible, and hopefully, this will be the time The Alchemist successfully gets translated to the big screen.

Who’s in charge of the movie’s development?


According to Variety, Jack Thorne is responsible for writing the film. One of his earlier successes was writing the script for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child with the help of J.K. Rowling and John Tiffany. He’s also helped adapt Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials series and wrote episodes of This is England and Electric Dreams.

He’s currently co-writing the Stranger Things stage play, Stranger Things: The First Shadow, and now is also taking on the work for The Alchemist. Considering Thorne’s extensive track record and his previous success in making adaptations of books to the screen, it’s a good outlook of the movie’s success if he’s the one in charge of the writing for The Alchemist.

Nothing else has been revealed quite yet about the adaptation, including neither the dates of production nor a potential release timeframe. So eager fans of The Alchemist will have to wait a little longer to see if this attempt to adapt such a famous book into a great film by Legendary Entertainment and TriStar Pictures will have better success than prior studios. However, this looks like a promising start to an adaptation that could make both Coelho and his fans happy.

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