Ten Bookish Resolutions to Start the Year 2022

Here are ten New Year’s Bookish resolutions to work on for 2022. If you are a writer or a bookworm, these resolutions can help you connect with a writing community, bookstagram, books, and yourself.

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Here are ten Bookish resolutions to start off this new year. As a fellow writer and bookworm, there are so many possibilities for this clean slate of a year. So let’s begin this commitment of writing, reading, learning, and evolving.

1. Bookish Resolution: Finish a Book


The very first new year’s resolution for a fellow bookworm is to finish that book! We all have books that are sitting aside that we may have put to the side. After all, the year 2021 has been hectic on our minds and downtime may have been scarce. It’s time to start fresh and finish that book you were dying to know the ending of. Keep on reading.

2. Get Used to Putting Projects on Hold

One thing that isn’t fully discussed in the writing community is putting yourself first. Writing can be an energy stealer. Try to put time aside for yourself this year. Try to set boundaries for writing when it comes to your overall physical and mental health. Writing is fun and exciting, but it’s okay to put a project to the side for a while and get back to it. There is no shame in putting writing projects on hold. Yes, writing just to write when material presents itself is great; however, I wouldn’t recommend this as a constant method. A long break will do you some good.

3. Increase Words Per Minute


When it comes to writing, you may be a bit concerned about how fast you type. To increase writing efficiency and deadlines, practice your typing. Increase your WPM (word per minute) and set a goal for yourself. Many fellow writers and bookworms cannot get their writing done because of their low WPM, so get to practicing, and you’ll thank yourself later. You soon will be more efficient in typing.

4. Have A Writer Journal


Another way a writer can add more writing time to their schedule is to create a writing journal. You are a writer and with that comes fresh ideas. Make the time to really take everything in and see what sparks your interests. Write whatever you want in a writing journal, and remember to have fun with it because so much potential material is there for you to explore.

5. Enter A Writing Competion Every Month

One thing you may enjoy is applying to writing competitions. There may be an online magazine or two that you enjoy. You may want your writing published there for the online world to see. If you are interested in publishing for an online magazine, do it. Make it a goal to apply to a writing competition every month. This can help you be consistent with writing and editing. Also make sure to read up on the guidelines, rules, and due dates of when and how you apply. Good luck!

6. Post on Blog (or Start One)


7. Join a Writing Community

Having a writing community to discuss ideas and advice may be the thing you need. A writing community can be found online or you can create one in person with fellow writers. You can find one that is focused on writing, reading, or other bookish ideas. There are endless possibilities to stay connected through writing in 2022. Online or in person, connect to your community and find opportunities.

8. Go to a Writing or Book Event


Another way to connect to the writing community is to go to a writing or book convention event. There are many virtual events that can help you connect with your community.

9. Read 52 Books in the New year


There are fifty-two weeks in a year. Now is the time to get your reading count up. Every week, commit to reading one new book. You don’t have to overwhelm yourself with more than fifty-two. However, make it a goal to read fifty-two books within the year. It will be good for a bookworm to strengthen their reading. Find new genres or stick to what you love. The library (and any other place to find a book) is your oyster to crack open!

10. Start a Bookstagram


Starting your own bookstagram may be the thing you need in 2022. Not only are you a bookworm at heart, but you also enjoy reading and want to document book suggestions to your writing community. Bookstagram is a way to promote authors, books, and other updates on bookish topics. It will keep you busy and also help you be consistent when posting books you have read. You can do reviews or suggestions. The possibilities of using Instagram are endless. You can even connect with authors online! Wouldn’t that be amazing!?

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