Take a Deep Dive into these Unique Latinx Bookstores

Visit these Latinx-owned bookstores local to you from California to New York. Learn what inspired the founders and how they’re making a change in the world.

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As book lovers, bookstores are one of the most beloved places on earth. There’s nothing that quite beats a cozy cup of coffee with racks and racks of books to choose from. This season, widen your bookstore selection and give these Latinx-owned bookstores a try. From mobile bookstores to bookstores within hotels, learn about six Latinx bookstores and learn how they’re spreading Latinx literature and providing representation.

Alegría Bilingual Bookstores & Arts Collective, CA

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Colombian American writer Davina A. Ferreira initially started Alegría as a magazine ten years ago. Over time, it has evolved into a multimedia publishing company and mobile bookstore. Alegría publishes Latinx stories and bilingual media, but also travels around the LA country weekly with their mobile bookstore.

We are highlighting the stories that TRULY matter about those who have been historically overlooked and under-represented. It is our mission to uplift people’s perception about the beauty of Latinx experience and culture.”

Davina Ferreira

As one of the leading Latinx book publishing indie presses in the country, Alegría seeks to spotlight unique and culturally diverse stories. On top of this, the organization teaches young individuals about creative writing and encourages those to share Latinx and BIPOC literature when visiting their mobile bookstore. Read their published short stories and poetry, shop for apparel and books, or learn how to support Latinx creators and writers through Alegría’s collective.

Cafe con Libros, NY


This intersectionally feminist bookstore and coffee shop is located in Brooklyn and uplifts stories from women of color. They host book clubs to read exclusively from women of color and host educational workshops about feminism, allyship, financial management, and self-defense. While enjoying a cup of coffee or tea, you can attend book signings, book swaps, or author talks from Cafe con Libros. Order books or audiobooks to support the business.

Tía Chuchas Centro Cultural, CA


The Northeast San Fernando Valley lacked any bookstores, galleries, or any cultural place until Tía Chuchas Centro Cultural opened twenty years ago. Tía Chucha’s founders foster an opportunity for families and individuals to learn about artistic and literary options. Opened by Los Angeles Poet Laureate Luis J. Rodriguez, his wife Trini, and their brother-in-law Enrique Sanchez, Tía Chuchas is an independent retail bookstore and offers various workshops and activities such as author readings, film screenings, indigenous cosmology/philosophy, bilingual open mic nights, mural painting, and talking circles. You can sign up to participate in events, volunteer, donate, or submit your own work to their press!

Mija Books, CA


Mija Books started as a personal, home library created by two parents for their Afro-Latina daughter but quickly evolved into a fully-fledged children’s bookstore that both operates online and in Lakewood, CA. Their goal is for children to wholeheartedly celebrate their heritage by learning and seeing their culture within literature. And for those who already see their culture, reading about others’ identities and backgrounds helps combat racism and create a more inclusive environment. The bookstore offers bilingual books, picture books, early readers, graphic novels, young adult, and more. Find events you can attend and donate here to Mija Books’ partnership with The Book Foundation to give books to under-resourced children.

Barrio Books, AZ


Based in Tucson, Barrio Books has recently reformed from a pop-up store to having a permanent location inside Hotel McCoy. They focus on spreading Latinx representation through books, primarily children’s books.

Children are more inclined to feel much more comfortable with reading if they can see themselves or people they know in the pages.”

Barrio Books

Founder Syrena Arevalo-Trujillo was a middle school teacher and recognized young children’s fascination and attention when she shared diverse books in class. By selling used books, bilingual books, books from Indigenous authors, and books centering on culture and diversity, Arevalo-Trujillo promotes cultural representation through her small business bookstore. Shop online or visit if local to the Tuscon area.

Red Salmon Arts, TX


This bookstore has thirty years of experience working exclusively with indigenous areas in Austin, focusing on uplifting Latinx and Native American writers and arming them with the tools they need to better themselves culturally. After founder raúlrsalinas was incarcerated for twelve years for crimes related to drugs, Salinas took up poetry in prison and encouraged other inmates to turn to literature. Since then, Red Salmon Arts has been up and running selling books and hosting readings. This November celebrates Salinas’ fifty years free and his legacy. Shop for books online, volunteer for events, or donate to support this Texas bookstore.

This article looked intensely into only six specific Latinx-owned bookstores, but there are dozens spread across the United States with just as compelling backstories and equally important missions. Check out Latinx in Publishing to see a more comprehensive list of Latinx bookstores. Maybe there’s one local enough for you to pay a visit! For more informative articles about Latinx culture, check out Hispanic Authors You Should Know, Quotes from 8 Famous Hispanic Authors, and more here.