3 Changes Propelling The Vampire Academy Show Forward

After the failure of the 2014 Vampire Academy movie, Richelle Mead’s series adaptation is getting another chance. But will it succeed with so many changes?

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When any book is adapted into a television show or movie, there is always a risk that the book fans won’t approve of the changes made to the original plot. The Vampire Academy movie made this mistake, but the changes in the new show move the story forward. So let’s take a look at the top three changes, made in the first four episodes and how they help the new series. But if you don’t like spoilers, I wouldn’t read ahead.


Having been on the run from their school, Rose and Lissa are finally caught two years later by Lissa’s new guardian, Dimitri, and there are huge consequences for Rose as Lissa is the last of her family. Within the first book, The Vampire Academy, the consequences Rose must face include probation, an inability to socialize with Lissa, and extra training with Dimitri Belikov.

Yet, this scene was made better in the show when Rose and Lissa were attacked by a strigoi because they were unintentionally outside the wards at night. Being caught by a strigoi made the runaway scene stronger due to the gravity of the danger Rose exposed Lissa to. Which in turn pushed the show into new directions because as Rose faced the separation from Lissa, and a tribunal, she struggled to understand the new changes happening between her and Lissa.

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Royal Court

Instead of holding the royal court in a different location, as the books did, the new Vampire Academy show has chosen to relocate the St. Vladimir school so that it is in the same providence as the court. This decision allows the show to move forward because there is no need to travel to another Providence. Putting the court and the school in the same providence allows for court events to directly and immediately impact school and personal events. Such as the Queen choosing Lissa as her successor, which immediately impacts Lissa’s present and future plans.

Turning Strigoi

Within the books there are three ways to turn strigoi, a moroi willingly kills during a feeding, which several key characters have done, such as Christian Ozera’s parents. Then there is an accidental killing or being turned by force when a strigoi bites you and then forces you to drink its blood, which the new show has not shown yet. But the one key character that the new show hasn’t turned strigoi is Sonya Karp. I personally think that this decision helps the show because Sonya still has her magic and will hopefully be able to help Lissa as they have the same magic. The change does bring up a major question. Such as, if Sonya doesn’t turn strigoi, and Dimitri isn’t forcibly turned, how will the show demonstrate the restoration of a strigoi to their born class (human, moroi, or dhampir)?

While I am not one that normally likes changes in any book adaptation, I am looking forward to seeing how the new show is changed. Stay tuned for more on upcoming changes and twists in the Vampire Academy, streaming exclusively on Peacock.

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