Surviving War: A Thousand Splendid Suns

‘A Thousand Splendid Suns’ by Khaled Hosseini has exceptional love, trauma, heartache, and so much more. A great read for people who like emotional journeys.

For fear that they might not survive, Mariam and Laila create an everlasting bond. Frequently surviving war meant that loss became common. Consequently, people have to make sacrifices for family and the ones they love. Accordingly, their choices affect the future generations and the decisions they make. Given these points the memory of loved ones and the love they share with family that made it, the only way to survive is to exist and act for others.

A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini

Cover of "A Thousand Splendid Suns" A novel by the author of "The Kite Runner" Khaled Hosseini

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Mariam and Laila

Notably, Mariam’s father, Jalil, turns her away after the death of Nana. Although her suicide brings grief, Jalil steps up to comfort Mariam. Consequently, she has to marry a man named Rasheed and then has a miscarriage after Rasheed raped her.

However, Laila learns that women are equal to men and do not have to cover their skin. In addition, Laila’s mother, Mammy, loses her sons and then becomes suicidal. Furthermore, responsibilities begin to fall on Laila’s shoulders. After a disaster that leaves Laila under rubble, Rasheed pulls her out as Mariam cares for her health.

Due to this, Rasheed marries Laila, especially after she is six weeks pregnant. Even though they live together, Mariam becomes jealous of Laila and soon hates her. Owing to Laila’s baby, Mariam and Laila become close friends; Mariam is in love with Laila’s baby.

In the end, Rasheed dies by Mariam and tells Laila to go, and visit her baby. In summary, Mariam is executed and leaves Laila with regret that they can not grow old together. For the most part, in their relationship, their trauma brings them together.

Surviving War

During 1978, Mariam has just turned nineteen and this is the beginning of communism in Afghanistan. In time disaster strikes with government planes and bombings. All of a sudden the president is executed and islmaic prinicples begin to be in place. In fact Islamic rule takes the buddhism center over and then signs a treaty with the Soviet Union. Seeing this and the Soviet Union leave Afghanistan Mammy refuses to leave.

In spite of the Islamic rule they are taken out and then soldiers are allowed to come home. However, Rasheed makes Mariam follow the strict gender rules. After all, Afghanistan is at war again in the city of Kabul. Additionally, more bombs and firefights attack homes each night leaving Laila and her family scared. Seeing this it leads to rape, kidnapping, and murder. For this reason a bomb leaves Laila stuck under concrete as Rasheed rushes to save her. Thus, years later the Taiban arrive and more hangings occur. As a matter of fact, Mariam has to be executed for murdering Rasheed.

Finally, this book has a lot of trauma induced from gender and sexuality to physical harm from the Taliban and Islamic ruling. To summarize, Mariam and Laila have a special friendship that ends in tragedy. All in all this is a great read for those looking to expand on characters with trauma.

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