‘Stranger Things’ Set to End At Season 5

Read on to find out when the newest season of ‘Stranger Things’ will premiere!

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Christi Carras, writer for The Los Angeles Times, published an article that announced the bittersweet news that after season 5 of Stranger Things concluded, so, too, would the series as a whole.

However, the creators and showrunners followed the news of the series’ end by assuring fans that season 4 would be twice as long as season 3. And due to the length of this new season, Netflix will be releasing it in two parts–with the first slated to premiere on May 27th and the second part to drop on July 1st.

Matt and Ross Duffer, the showrunners and creators of Stranger Things, confirmed for their fans that, when they had originally written the series out seven years ago, they had anticipated it would be four to five seasons in length, and they intend to stick with their original plan. They also said that the fourth season, though the most challenging, has also been extremely rewarding. Statements like that are enough to get viewers hooked and excited for the next installment to such a beloved series.

Keep an eye out for the new season!

Featured image via Netflix