Stop Asian Hate, Read Webtoon ‘Illuminated’

‘Illuminated’ is the ideal Webtoon that focuses on Asian women who talk about their careers as mixed Asians and how to prevent Asian hate.

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It’s getting close to the end of Asian Pacific Islander American Heritage Month. One Webtoon that has only four powerful episodes about preventing Asian Hate is called Illuminated. Over the course of 2020 and even now, Asian hate has been at an all time high. Thanks to creator WmW, 88Rising and artists Rachel Song and Maria Nguyen; we have four stories based on well known Asian women in the community. Read how each individual reacts to the COVID-19 events and Asian hate crimes in 2020 and what their take on it is.

APAHM Characters


image of Wolftyla, via Maria Nguyen and TNWTL Movement.

asian, webtoon, illuminated

She is a singer/ songwriter who is half Black and Korean background. Her childhood consisted of people assuming she was adopted and having frilly out of control hair. However, in the present time she is singing her heart out to her fans and for herself. Her reaction to 2020’s Asian hate, has inspired her to use Instagram to lead discussions about hate crime.

Mirai Nagasu

Image of Mirai Nagasu, via Maria Nguyen and Just Jared.

asian, webtoon, illuminated

She is a world famous skater who has successfully landed the triple axel jump in the olympic games as an Asian American. She has been skating since she was five years old and had the drive and motivation to become a pro since watching Michelle Kwan and Krisit Yamaguchi. In 2014, she wasn’t selected to be in the Olympics and received backlash on her beahalf, saying it was race related. However, she didn’t poke the bear, she just kept skating, showing her skills. Soon she went to the Olympics. Her reaction to the 2021 events had her devastated. She hopes to inspire many Asian girls to follow their passions and to not let anyone define your skills and your success.

Stephanie Poetri

Image of Stephanie Poetri, via Maria Nguyen and NME

asian, webtoon, illuminated

She is a singer and songwriter, however that’s not the path she chose at first. There were many who assumed she would follow in her mother’s foosteps, the famous Diva TiTi D in Indonesia. They even assumed she wasn’t born in Indonesia. All these assumptions based on her outward appearance, all these expectations as if she had no other talents. However, years later she found joy and passion in music and how it can relay messages. she wrote songs of love and joy.

Los Angeles 2021, COVID hit hard. She couldn’t find the love anymore. Instead, she chose to go on Instagram Live and discuss resources to help those in need. She also brought up dissemination and the impact Asian hate has been getting due to terrible assumptions.

Maia (mxmtoon)

Image of Maia (mxmtoon) via Webtoon and Dailystar

asian, webtoon, illuminated

She is a mixed Asian, Chinese singer songwriter. It all started with a soundcloud song, the rest is history. She quit college to focus on her musical talents. Although her family was concerned, she worked hard to build her music career. At first there was no one like her who did music, however she pulled inspiration from some of her favorite bands and artists. She hopes that any mixed Asian individual can pursue what they love even if they are to be the very first.

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