Start a New Chapter: Healthier Living for Women

From hormone balancing to disease prevention, this collection of books will provide knowledge of the preliminary and working strategies for creating a healthier lifestyle.

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Whole Woman Health cover by Carrie E. Levine, Balanced Restored cover by Olivia Rivers, and The Loving Yourself Book For Women cover by Diana Rachel Bletter in front of a sunset.

In alignment with American Heart Health Month, this Three to Read article presents you with a comprehensive, easily accessible list of books to help you begin your journey to a healthier lifestyle. Heart health is determined in conglomeration with all parts of the body, so this list is curated to offer a broad selection of knowledge!

Designated in February, American Heart Health Month inspires us to reflect on our health practices. According to the CDC, heart health is the leading cause of death for women in America. As the conversation about mental and physical health becomes more unbarred in society, social media trends are forming in reflection. This past year on social media, we have seen an increased interest in health and wellness from viewers. The “self-care” trend is overwhelmingly popular. Users post videos of themselves engaging in a wide variety of tasks that are intended to promote self-wellness. Such engagements include hot baths, healthy eating, and creative expression.

As positive as this trend is, heart health specifically can be a complicated issue to address. It is influenced by many other body systems. Thus, fostering a lifestyle that supports physical longevity can be difficult to navigate in the beginning. Social media content about health can sometimes be misleading, selective, and inapplicable to specific groups of people. Therefore, turning to content that is further developed can be a more feasible, and informational way to engage in self-care.

These three books are great individually but are even better in collaboration. With this collection, you will gain knowledge of the preliminary and working strategies for success. They balance medical and common jargon, which will create a smooth entrance into your journey toward a happier, healthier existence. 


Whole Woman Health: A Guide to Creating Wellness for Any Age and State by Carrie E. Levine

Whole Woman Health by Carrie E. Levine.


This work includes mentions of mental and spiritual wellness but focuses mainly on ways for women to optimize their health at different ages. Levine explains how she has revealed the root causes of diseases and imbalances commonly found in women. She tells of her testing and research in uncovering foundational issues in the body and guides you to the same answers within yourself. Her strategic path to physical health using functional medicine offers great insight on how to avoid everything from life-threatening diseases to common colds. The reader is led to find a productive balance between diet, exercise, supplementation, and lifestyle. 


After decades of working and helping women as a midwife and certified practitioner, the author is thoroughly experienced with women’s health — and it shows. Her scientific background combined with her personal work makes this a well-researched, yet easily comprehensible read. She forces you to ask “why” before running to pharmaceuticals and diagnosis. This book is a vital read for all women to discover the deep-rooted causes of their illnesses and gain a true understanding of their own bodies. 


Balance Restored: A Comprehensive Guide to Women’s Hormone Health by Olivia Rivers

Balance Restored by Olivia Rivers, flowers surrounding a female reproductive system.


In this comprehensive guide, author Olivia Rivers teaches the reader how to balance hormones. Rivers discusses how your hormone levels are the foundation of female health, or what she calls the “core.” With graphic visuals and supporting research, she dissects their contribution to the success of all other systems. Provided in this book are thorough instructions for healing your body and a deep discussion on the impact of specific lifestyle changes. Rivers also explores the connection between hormonal health and mental health.  It concludes with extensive resources for personalized problems. 


Your hormones have a significant impact on your cardiovascular system and all systems of your body. High imbalances can increase the probability of disease as well. It is essential that women understand the functionality and effect of their hormones. Hormone-balancing lifestyle modifications can drastically influence your quality of life. This book supplies all the information you need to know during different stages of life. This writing holds an equipoise of scientific research, holistic remedies, and clear-cut explanation, making it the perfect book to reference on the day-to-day. 


The Loving Yourself Book For Women: A Practical Guide to Boost Self-Esteem, Heal Your Inner Child, and Celebrate the Woman You Are by Diana Rachel Better

The Loving Yourself Book For Women by Diana Rachel Better, a sun rising over a grassy hill.


In this book, you will be presented with a listicle of information. Author Diana Rachel Bletter dives deep into ways to promote mental well-being, which she believes is directly correlated to physical health. Using reader-friendly language, Rachel guides the reader through the hardships of self-acceptance, self-confidence, and self-love. Additionally, she provides valuable knowledge about overcoming past trauma and understanding familial ties to self-perception. Her critical advice is accompanied by helpful strategies to implement what you learn. This book is a beautiful example of womanhood and is undeniably expressive of our shared experiences in society. 


This recommendation may be labeled as the underdog, but it is essential. Prioritizing your mental well-being may be the first step in your physical health journey. The brain and body are intrinsically connected in every move we make. With that, the mind controls how we process challenges, become motivated, and view ourselves. Viewing your metaphysical self and your physical body as worthy of deep care and consideration will inevitably propagate a lifestyle that supports physical longevity. This book is a great way to address any qualms that you may have from current or past stressors before you begin your journey. 

We hope that these books will be a versatile list for you to reference at any point in your health journey! For more Three to Read book recommendations, click here.

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