Soon to Be Released Novels from Your Favorite Authors

April is filled with a ton of new releases, check out these six novels by famous authors you never thought they’d write.

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It’s clear that the following authors have found a groove to pen their thrilling, chilling, tenderly sweet, and revolutionary works. However, it was only a matter of time before we discovered a hidden novel somewhere that many readers may not have realized existed. Some of these are new ventures, some are old, and some are lost stories that we just so happened to have stumbled upon. So, along with the amazing Trish G, we bring you seven of the most intriguing novels written by notable authors in genres you’d never think they’d write in. Open up the archives and see what we’ve found!

April Releases

Museum Fright Night by Stephen King, Children’s Book

There’s buzz around town that Stephen King is dipping his toe into the waters of children’s books! Well, it seems the buzzing is true. Soon to hit bookstores near you is the cute yet thrilling tale of ten-year-old Josh Snyck and his fifth-grade classmates taking an exciting trip to a historical museum full of dinosaurs, old cars, and ancient people that he’d only read about in books!

An ancient-esque brown background with a museum in the foreground with artifacts, from dinosaurs to old skulls sitting under and behind glass. A young boy with his back turned facing the exhibits. The author's name is large and bolded in yellow at the top of the cover. The title is smaller, in red at the bottom of the cover.

However, trouble ensues when Josh and his two friends, Ryder and Hunt, are separated from the rest of the class. The museum is a giant place full of wonder, mystery, and twists and turns. Can Josh and his friends find their way out and make it back to the bus in time, or will they end up left behind, trapped in the museum — stuck in a maze of exhibits that may or may not be alive, lurking just out of sight, eager to make them part of the museum’s collection? Join in on the fun of Stephen King’s newest venture into children’s books with this wild, adventurous story!

Quiarah B/Vphan

An Archive of My Own by George R.R. Martin, Slash Fiction Anthology

A soft black/gray background with an open file of brown folders in the foreground. The author's name is at the top in large, white letters. The title is at the bottom in large, white letters.

From GOT to AO3, George R.R. Martin surprises with his new anthology of slash fiction! The long-time fanfic opponent is giving readers a peek into the early stages of his writing career. An Archive of My Own is a curated collection of Martin’s personal fics dating all the way back to the ‘60s! With this collection of previously badly written fan fiction, the fantasy author hopes to deter amateur writers from using the medium as a vehicle for their craft. And what better way to do so than by unsealing his Kirk/Spock epics?

Gabriela Collazo, Editorial

Youth by Jane Austen, Horror

A black and red background with red and light brown brambles and leaves bordering the edges. The title is in white lowercase letters at the top in lowercase calligraphy writing. A red silhouette of a woman dressed in early 1900s clothing with an infant inside the shape of a black silhouetted heart. The author's name is at the bottom set inside the skirt of the woman in black lettering.

An unreleased novel hidden away for centuries: Jane Austen wrote a horror novel about parents eating babies? Jane Austen is known for her beautiful romance novels like Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Emma, Persuasion… the list goes on. But did you know that She wrote a horrific horror story about adults devouring their infant children to maintain their youthfulness? Set in London, England, Austen travels through the lives of different families suffering from aging. How peculiar. How very peculiar.

Sierra Jackson, Editorial

Hotter Than Hell by Neil Gaiman, Spicy Fiction

Hotter than Hell cold and hot hand hold index fingers

In this uproariously wicked romp through the underworld, meet Lucifer, the devilishly charming protagonist tired of the same old hellish routine. When he meets a mischievous mortal unafraid to play with fire, all hell breaks loose in this spicy, sinful escapade. Will love conquer all, or will things get even hotter down below? Neil Gaiman will have you blushing and questioning your afterlife choices.

Trish G, Editorial

These Tender Hearts by Dan Brown, Rom-Com

On the heels of stellar Thriller success with the Robert Langdon Series, Dan Brown dips his toes into Romantic Comedy. While there was always a bit of romantic tension between the leading man and the women paired with him throughout the novel, romance never really went anywhere in Brown’s novels. After decades of success writing historical thrillers with no love matches, Brown has decided that Langdon has finally met his leading lady.

Ripped red pieces of paper gives way to a woman's eyes at the top and a man's eyes at the bottom staring off into the distance. There is olden paper and script behind the woman and man. The title is in large, faded yellow letters across the large ripped red strip at the top. The author's name is in large, faded yellow letters across the smaller red strip at the bottom.

After the stresses of death-defying run-ins with police, murderers, and an advanced AI while finding some of the world’s greatest treasures, Harvard Professor Robert Langdon is finally wearing his tweed coat in the classroom again. Forever the perpetual bachelor, he’s come to find that he no longer wishes to be the single Symbologist known the world over but wants to settle down one and for all. A chance run-in with Sophie Neveu turns into more than just her vacation. Can they make things work out despite the aftermath of all that happened in Europe?

Kristi Eskew, Editorial

The Lorax Violent Night by Dr. Seuss, Children’s Sci-Fi Horror

The Lorax creature with its little yellow body and red poof and furry mustache sits in the foreground. It holds a little cleaver in its hand. The title is at the top in large, off-white letters. The author's name is at the bottom in small, off-white letters. Everything is set against a dark purple background.

In this classic retelling of The Lorax, Dr. Seuss gets dark and violent and delves into the dark side of the scientific world. When an experiment goes wrong, there are consequences to pay by those who created it. Named The Lorax, he hunts deep in the night, searching for those whom he deems evil and makes them pay the ultimate price.

Alexandra Mellott, Editorial

And so, as we delve further into the literary labyrinth, uncovering lost tales and embracing newfound narratives, we embark on a journey where each page you turn reveals a world waiting to be explored, captivating our minds and hearts in ways we never imagined possible. Welcome to the realm of undiscovered stories, where the past meets the future, and the magic of words knows no bounds.

Just be careful when you go digging deep for these precious lost books; you may find they don’t exist!

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