Let’s Celebrate Our Differences With These Beautiful Children’s Books

Discover enchanting stories and collections that honor diverse backgrounds and traditions. Read on for books to inspire our young ones!

Diversity Recommendations Young Readers

From the earliest days of infancy to the curious pre-teen years, children’s books play a pivotal role in shaping our children’s understanding of the world. And it just so happens that we live on a planet that is beautifully diverse, rich in heritage, and brimming with possibilities! Here is my curated list of children’s books that will take young readers across the continents to peek into the lives of other children and test their taste buds with global cuisines.

The Global Babies Series by the Global Fund for Children

creamy orange background with white stencils of duckies, pacifiers, clothespins, and sparkles. There is a collection of stuffed animals with a boy sitting among them. The boy is wearing a dinosaur themed blanket over his head. There are three book covers for Global Babies: one is showing a baby dressed in traditional clothes, one is a picture of a baby girl in a purple headdress, and the third is a baby boy in a tshirt playing with a green block.

Meet the Global Babies! Babies love to look at babies, and this delightful series by The Global Fund for Children features vibrantly colored photographs of unbelievably cute babies from around the world, introducing young readers to the daily life, traditions, and clothing of babies from different cultures. Babies all over the globe play in different ways, dress in different ways, and even get ready for bed in different ways. The Global Babies series celebrates global heritage by showcasing babies from different regions — places like Guatemala, Thailand, Greenland, the U.S., India, South Africa, Fiji, Afghanistan, Spain, Iraq, and Peru — where each image is a window into a rich diverse world.

As if these babies weren’t sweet enough, proceeds from every sale of any of the six books in the series get donated to the Global Fund for Children, a nonprofit organization committed to serving the needs of vulnerable children and youth worldwide. Pro tip: these books are also great gifts for baby showers!

A Window to the World Series by Abracadabra Books

Blue background with half of a globe of Earth showing. 5 children are walking across the globe. 3 clouds are above their heads. In the top corners are two book covers: one is for Tastes Around the World, showing a girl in a traditional Mexican dress and hat, holding a plate of tacos. Five other dishes from around the world are shown on the left. The second cover is for Celebrations Around the World. Across the top are strings of festival lights from various different festivals. On the cover there are 5 different children, all from different places in the world and wearing the traditional clothing of their region.

This enchanting series, written for curious minds aged two to 10, joyfully celebrates the rich diversity around the world with various youngster characters who explore the planet and its people. In the Celebrations Around the World – Special Festivals Around the World picture book, they learn about the festive cheer of Christmas, the heartfelt gatherings of Ramadan, the sparkling traditions of Diwali, the rhythmic dances of Carnival, and the close-knit rituals of Las Posadas. The Places Around the World book takes little readers around 15 incredible landmarks from countries across the globe.

The background, though barely visible, shows an interesting city skyline. In focus is a girl wearing a blue baseball cap. Along the left side are pictures of 5 different wonders of the world. The title is Places Arouund the World. It is part of the Window to the World series by Abracadabra Books.

In Tastes Around the World, the latest adventure in the Windows to the World series, readers are introduced to different kinds of unique and mouth-watering cuisines from countries like India, Italy, Mexico, the U.S., and China. Children have a chance to read about traditional foods and culinary practices in a rich sensory presentation full of fun cultural facts and easy-to-follow recipes designed to encourage aspiring young chefs and budding foodies to experiment with cooking and appreciate what different cultures have to offer.

Lonely Planet Kids

background is two different shades of yellow, with pieces of things one might have when traveling internationally, like suitcases, maps, cameras, tickets, and lifesavers. In the center are the words Lonely Planet Kids.

Lonely Planet Kids — an imprint of the world’s leading travel authority, Lonely Planet — has been publishing children’s books for all ages and reading levels since 2011, with a mission to educate and entertain young readers learning about the world, its different cultures, sociology, nature, geography, history, space, science, and so much more. The Lonely Planet Kids books make every day an adventure, inspiring the next generation of global citizens. While there are hundreds of titles published by them to explore right now, here are just a few of them that celebrate people and their cultures and stories:

A Place Called Home: Look Inside Houses Around the World written by Kate Baker, illustrated by Rebecca Green

Blue background, picture on the cover shows multiple types of traditional homes from around the world. It also says "more than 40 flaps to flip!" in the top left, and the Lonely Planet Kids logo over the title. Along the bottom it says " look inside houses from around the world. Written by Kate Baker and illustrated by Rebecca Green.

This is a cute lift-the-flap type book designed to give little readers in the preschool to kindergarten range a sneak peek inside different homes from communities around the world. Filled with colorful artwork and a flap on every page, this book lets kids open doors, peep through windows, and discover details inside that celebrate the cultures and heritages of the many regions featured in it. Your little one can immerse themselves in places like cozy wooden houses in snow-blanketed Greenland, Mongolian yurts in the rolling plains of the Gobi Desert, Maasai mud huts in East Africa, and raised jungle homes in the wilds of the Amazon Rainforest. This is a beautifully interactive way for young minds to learn about the world and how other people live in it.

This Is My World: Meet 84 Kids From Around the Globe by Lonely Planet Kids

Background is an eclectic collection of different sized blocks of colors, with stripes of colors on the left side. Some of the blocks have pictures of smiling kids in them. On the top, in a green block, it says Lonely Planet Kids. In the center circle designed to look like the planet Earth, it says This is My World Meet 84 kids from around the globe.

Young readers can read the personal portraits of 84 children — all from fantastically diverse backgrounds — who share their photos and stories about what’s special in their lives. Topics range from local festivals, weather, hobbies, and their favorite things. The joy is discovering the many things that children have in common no matter where they live — whether that’s a cattle ranch in Australia, an eco-lodge in Costa Rica, an orphanage in Zambezi, a remote fjord in Greenland, or high up in the Himalaya mountains in Nepal.

Spooky Stories of the World written by Wendy Shearer, illustrated by Teo Georgiev

Purple themed background. The cover features a collection of spooky characters from scary stories and myths. Along the top over a bridge, it says Lonely Planet Kids. In the center it says Spooky Stories of the World. And on the bottom, it says retold by Wendy Shearer and illustrated by Teo Georgiev.

Aimed at grades four to seven, this is a great book for the kid who likes creepy stuff! It holds over 20 hair-raising tales from all over the globe, full of ghost and monster myths, real unexplained enigmas, mind-boggling mysteries, and traditional stories. Arranged continent by continent with spooky illustrations and creepy characters, Spooky Stories of the World includes fang-tastic stories like The Vampire Skeleton (Canada and USA), The Bite of the Queen Rat (UK), The Fox Sister (South Korea), The Devouring Gourd (East Africa), The Luz Mala (Argentina), and The Basilisk of Vilnius (Lithuania). For those Halloween-loving kids always in search of a fright, Spooky Stories of the World is the ultimate gift — though it’s probably best read with the lights on…

Cooking Class Global Feast!: 44 Recipes That Celebrate the World’s Cultures by Deanna F. Cook

bright blue background with pictures of an assortment of delicious food on it. On the left, there are pictures of 3 kids who are cooking something. The title is Cooking Class Global Feast! by Deanna F. Cook. There is a purple sticker in the corner that says "44 recipes that celebrate the world's cultures".

Food is a delicious way to celebrate diversity! Deana F. Cook, award-winning author of dozens of cookbooks for kids, brings fun and confidence to the young chefs of the future. In her Cooking Class series, basic cooking techniques are explained in kid-friendly language and each recipe is designed for the abilities and tastes of children ages six to 12. Every recipe features step-by-step photography and children preparing dishes that reflect their own culture. This is a great way to encourage your budding foodie to try new things and build an appreciation for global cuisines.

These were just some of the literary treasures celebrating different family structures and global culinary delights. Children’s books are bridges that connect young readers to cultures, languages, and traditions. When we celebrate our differences, we can foster a more compassionate and understanding generation of global explorers, one story at a time!

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