Sabrina Carpenter Announces New Album and Teases a Surprise

She’s “short n’ sweet” and full of surprises. Read on to get the details on Sabrina Carpenter’s new album announcement.

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Cover art for Sabrina Carpenter's album "Short n' Sweet" on a blue, textured background with graphics of a smeared lipstick and musical notes.

Riding the momentum of her chart topper Espresso, which has even gained the fanfare of megastars Adele and Katy Perry, Sabrina Carpenter just announced a new album! As if opening for Taylor Swift on her Eras Tour wasn’t enough, the Feather singer continues to enjoy her skyrocketing success. Recently, she performed at Coachella, debuting a live rendition of her delicious summer hit, followed by another career milestone — performing on SNL. Now, she’s got new music coming. Let’s unpack!

She’s Working Late ‘Cause She’s a Singer

On Monday, June 3rd, Carpenter took to her Instagram to announce her new album, Short n’ Sweet, set to release on August 23rd. The Nonsense singer captioned the post, writing:

This project is quite special to me and I hope it’ll be something special to you too.

It seems Carpenters won’t have to wait too long to taste whatever the songstress is brewing. In the same post, she teased another surprise coming this Thursday night. While she didn’t provide any details leading up to the album announcement, the singer previously posted a short clip of herself featuring an audio sample of what’s likely an upcoming single.

We Love a Slow Burn!

With all the attention she’s garnered in the last year, one would think Sabrina Carpenter is an overnight sensation. However, her stardom has been a slow and steady rise. In 2015, she released her debut album, Eyes Wide Open, while starring alongside Rowan Blanchard on Disney Channel’s Girl Meets World — a sequel to the ‘90s classic Boy Meets World.

Banner poster for the Disney Channel show "Girl Meets World," featuring four cast members atop a white brick wall branded with the show title and the lead brown haired girl posing at the bottom.

Since then, Carpenter continued to release album after album while also appearing in movies such as The Hate U Give and Netflix’s Tall Girl and Work It. It wasn’t until 2023, though, that her career saw a huge spike when her single Nonsense went viral. The song’s sudden popularity provided a second wave of commercial success for her fifth studio album, emails i can’t send, which had come out the year prior. This, coupled with her stint on the top-selling Eras Tour, cemented Carpenter’s current pop star status.

Cover art for Sabrina Carpenter's album "Emails I Can't Send," depicting the blond singer in a black slip dress, sitting on a bed with an open laptop, against a beige wall.

In December 2023, she spoke of her slow rise to fame when she accepted Variety’s Rising Star award.

You can pre-order Sabrina Carpenter’s sixth studio album Short n’ Sweet now, and pre-save on Spotify.

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