‘Royal Blood’ by Aimee Carter Brings Scandal and Murder!

Aimee Carter brings a new series for those who enjoy royal family drama. A young girl who is an outcast of her family is now thrust into chaos and suspected of murder.

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Aimee Carter has blessed us with another upcoming trilogy series that is starting with the first installment called Royal Blood. Prepare for British royal family drama with a side of murder! This thriller series will keep you guessing. For those who are huge Bridgerton and The Crown fans, this is a great book that will have you on the edge of your seat. 

The Plot of Royal Blood

Meet Evan Bright, a rebellious seventeen-year-old who has been to several elite schools in the U.S. She is the illegitimate princess of the British monarchy at Windsor Castle. Despite not meeting her father, the King of Britain, it does have its financial advantages. Evan knows how to keep her family origins a secret which is why she doesn’t bother making friends. 

When she is suddenly forced to spend the summer in London until she turns eighteen, she must lay low for a month and meet her father and the royal family. All she wishes is to disappear and stay with her mother. Against her wishes, she is meeting family who isn’t exactly thrilled about having her here. Even though the Queen and her step-sister Mary (Maisie) aren’t happy with her presence, she has a few allies within the walls. Meeting her cousin Prince Benedict, her ‘babysitter’ Tibby, the charming Jasper Cunningham, and the royal family’s friend Christopher (Kit) helps Evan slowly tolerate her stay at Windsor Castle. 

It was supposed to be a quiet month without any drama or exposure. However, her identity is mysteriously revealed, leading to juicy tabloids and wretched gossip. To top it all off, a fun night goes wrong when she becomes the prime suspect in a murder. Soon the rumors about her identity and her connection to the royal family escalate. Evan is determined to find out the truth and clear her name. But in doing so she discovers royal family secrets that will change the monarchy forever. 

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My Thoughts After Reading Royal Blood

Evan Bright is a character you’ll love, her smart mouth and rebellious attitude are a sight to behold as she talks back to the royal family. You can sympathize with her because she hasn’t been acknowledged as family her entire life. After reading this, I was frustrated by the escalating gossip and tabloids the protagonist had to go through. Each chapter having a gossip journal entry before you begin reading makes you feel even closer to what exactly unfolds in this novel. 

I think Aimee Carter did a fantastic job of showing how media and gossip can hurt even those in high power. As the mystery starts to unfold you will gasp in shock and be a bit teary, especially when gossip hits rock bottom. If you are the type of person who feasts on the toxic drama that soon becomes resolved and justice is served, then this is the perfect book to grab off the shelf. Remember, this is only book 1, there will be more drama and thrills with Evan Bright in the next two installments. 

Royal Blood will be released on March 7, 2023. If you want to read more of Aimee Carter’s work, try reading the Goddess Test series, the Blackcoat Rebellion series, and the Simon Thorn series. Preorder Royal Blood on Penguin Random House.

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