‘Romance Punch’ is A Webtoon Comedy Knock-Out!

Webtoon brings the funny! New student Amelia is allergic to violence but wants to make a change. Can she have the two leaders of the school “talk” things out?

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Need a Webtoon that is more haha funny and a bit odd? Romance Punch mixes comedy with a hint of romance. Created by Galang Larope, this comic tells the story of making peace within the chaos of two rival high school gangs. The main character, Amelia, is allergic to violence. Prepare for updates every Tuesday to find out if she can last in this violent-oriented school.

Romance Punch: Knock-Out Plot

'Romance Punch' Webtoon with main characters Amelia, Putra, and Nara on the front

It’s a new year at a new school for Amelia Putri. She is ambitious and can’t wait to start at Iron Skull High School. What she doesn’t know is that her new school is a violent battlefield between two student gangs, the South Canteen and the North Canteen. Despite the chaos between the student body and her allergic reactions, she is determined to bring peace to this school by using the power of love.

Meet the Characters

Amelia Putri

Main character Amelia from 'Romance Punch' Webtoon

At first, it seemed like a wonderful fresh start for Amelia with no drama in sight. However, during her first day of school, she realizes it’s all a facade. The truth is that her new school is in the middle of a war between two high school gangs. What makes this a pressing issue is that she is allergic to violence. Whenever she sees or senses visual violence, she sneezes severely.

Snot and teary eyes are what you get when she is near. On her first day, she witnesses the two gang leaders fighting near the school entrance. Now that she has made an interesting first impression, they are curious about this new student. With the determination to bring peace to this school, she is now swooped into their chaotic drama and wants to find out the root of the fighting.

Putra Satria

Gang leader Putra from 'Romance Punch' Webtoon

Putra is the leader of the North Canteen gang. He is the basketball prodigy, winning the tournament for Iron Skull for three years. He secretly enjoys painting and uses his charming personality to woo the girls at school. However, he is cocky and lives by getting even with anyone who crosses him. So, when he ends up with snot on his clothes, he plots an egg attack against Amelia. However, her peculiarity and determination to find out why he and his rival gang leader, Nara, fight all the time pique his curiosity.

Nara Yudistra

Other gang leader, Nara in 'Romance Punch' Webtoon

Nara Yudistra is known for having book smarts and being the math olympiad champ, but he earns his reputation as the leader of the South Canteen and despises Putra for reasons unknown. He takes an interest in Amelia because of a book she left behind. Nara reads it and is confused, in order to figure out the meaning, he needs to go to the main source. Upon her arrival at the school, he notices the certain capabilities she fails to realize. Now that she is caught in this gang war, he wonders if her peculiarities and personality are really a bad thing.


Amelia's friend Damar in 'Romance Punch' Webtoon

Damar is Amelia’s close friend and graduated from Iron Skull. Although he claims to not have acted on violence, there is a history there that he wishes to not discuss with her. He is protective of her and is nervous about her stubbornness to bring peace to the school.


Gossipy classmate, Nia in 'Romance Punch' Webtoon

Nia is one of Amelia’s tough girl classmates. She has the gossip and scoop about all the gang members and the Iron Skull war. While she can be a bit aggressive, she’s a reliable friend when it comes to intel. She helps Amelia in her quest to make high school peaceful.

Go read this latest Webtoon comedy now! It has chaos, funny moments, some gross ones, and of course a touch of romance here and there. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy a high school gang story?

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