Rick Riordan Reveals New Percy Jackson Cover

Percy Jackson fans, Rick Riordan has released the cover for his new PJ book, Wrath of the Triple Goddess. Come read the news!

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Wrath of the Triple Goddess cover next to a table full of witchcraft items.

For all our Percy Jackson fans, we have some exciting news to share. Coming after his release of The Chalice of the Gods on September 23, 2023, Rick Riordan has now revealed the cover for the second installment of his latest Percy Jackson series.

The Chalice of the Gods

The first book in the series, The Chalice of the Gods, was released more than ten years after the last book of the original series, Percy Jackson and the Olympians. It features the original trio in their quest to get Percy and Annabeth into college. In order to do so, Percy must get letters of recommendation from three gods/goddesses. The first book takes them on the quest of Ganymede, who has lost his chalice that he uses to serve the gods as their cupbearer.

The Chalice of the Gods cover with a Greek chalice and a serpent, along with some chickens.

Wrath of the Triple Goddess

The second book, which Riordan just revealed the cover for, takes them on the quest of Hecate, whom they must house-sit for in order to receive a letter of recommendation. The trio must watch the goddess’s mastiff, Hecuba, and her polecat, Gale, but as all Percy Jackson quests go, things take a very wrong turn. They end up losing the pets and must find them and return them, as well as clean the house that Grover inadvertently destroyed, all before Hecate returns to her house on Saturday — or they may end up vaporized at the hands of a goddess.

Wrath of the Triple Goddess cover with a donkey, a lion, and a dog, along with the arms of a woman who is holding two torches.

The book, which is titled Wrath of the Triple Goddess, features the cover art of Victo Ngai. The art features many symbols of Hecate, including a dog, which is one of her sacred animals, and a pair of torches. It is set to release on September 24th, 2024.

Are you planning on doing a re-read before Chalice of Gods comes out? We definitely will! If you’d like to pre-order Wrath of the Triple Goddess, click here.

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