Revving Up Romance: The Strange Allure of Our Biker Boys

Buckle up! We’re diving into the shadows of Tiktok, where Biker Boys have BookTok girlies hooked and gasping for more.

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Three biker boy romance book covers on a red background surrounded by a rose between a woman's lips and a man riding a motorcycle.

There you are, scrolling on your phone, looking through TikTok for a new book recommendation to crack open. But wait, what’s that over in the distance? A faint rumble, shaking with a thunderous roar, like the sound of motorcycles revving through the peaceful tranquility of your bed. You squint your eyes and lean closer to the screen, curiosity piqued. What do you see? A shirtless boy with a biker helmet, driving on a bike while Wanna Be Yours by Artic Monkeys plays…

Recently, I have been scrolling into some strange dark corners of BookTok. And, fair warning… tread lightly; it got scary. Deep underneath all the layers of book recommendations, we found the Biker Boys. Dressed in leather and saying that “BookTok girls belong to Biker Boys”.

So, I had many questions. Do we belong to the Biker Boys? Where did this come from? What is their origin story?

Books That Blew up Biker Boys

Look, I get it. Haunting Adeline by HD Carlton had BookTok girlies by the throat. However, this new content had me on a whole other level of strange, with girls going a little wild on any biker that speeds past in traffic.

Haunting Adeline by H.D. Carlton

But why did some section of Booktok sell their souls to the Biker Boys? It started with the books. Multiple novels blew up on Booktok, such as:

1. Haunting Adeline by H.D. Carlton: A dark romance novel that follows the story of a young woman who becomes scooped up in the world of a mysterious biker boy who works in a secret organization to hunt down traffickers.

2. The Predator by Runyx: A dark mafia romance about rival families, where a computer girl hunts down a biker boy with unparalleled lethal skills.

3. Sicko by Amo Jones: A dark romance novel that follows a young woman who grew up in a foster home and remeets her foster brother, who is now a biker boy and vice president of a motorcycle crew.

4. Torment by Dylan Page: A dark romance novel about the story of a young woman who grew up with her stepbrother, a man who used to be her hero and best friend. Now, years later, she sees everything as it is and that this biker boy has big plans for her.

5. Good Game by Madison Fox: A dark romance novel that follows the story of a young woman who’s been cheated on and swears off bad boys from then on. This lasts until she meets a tattooed biker (and famous video game streamer) who hides his identity and intends to keep it that way.

6. It Ain’t Me Babe by Tillie Cole: A dark romance novel that follows the story of a young isolated woman who’s been raised in a strict faith. She meets a bad-boy biker who has nothing but a fearsome reputation in his outlaw motorcycle crew.

I could go for days… But do you see the pattern?

Romance, Mystery, and Danger.

The Predator by Runyx

The reason?

I think the reason biker boys are so alluring (some even milking it quite a lot) is because of the principle of smut or romance novels.

Good Game by Madison Fox

A big part of our love interest that encapsulates women is the dark and mysterious part. They hide behind a mask or a helmet. There is a push and pull. They are shadows, rebellious and charming, and under the helmet is where the secrets unveil themselves. It’s the mystery that keeps us wanting more. Girls like reading about a bad boy…

Sick by Amo Jones

Biker Boys are an easy way to show this and make our love interests “bad boys.” It keeps the danger, sets the scene, and provides an interesting stage of mystery enough for seduction and romance.

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