10 Exciting Binge-Worthy Webtoons That Deserve Adaptations

Webtoons are making their appearance on the big screen, and as a webtoon lover, I have a few recommendations for future adaptations. Read on to see my picks.

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Male couple in suits leaning on each other next to empress in a pink ball gown next to a a tall woman smiling down at little girl and little boy holding her hand

As Webtoons continue to rise in popularity we can’t help but hope that our favorites get the attention they deserve. We’re happy to see that Webtoons are going beyond their comic form to become K-dramas and animes. The announcement of big webtoon adaptations like Lore Olympus makes us cross our fingers and hope that our favorite webtoons make the cut. Here are 10 binge-worthy webtoons that deserve their time to shine on the big screen.

The Remarried Empress

Blonde woman in red ball gown with a red cloak over it sitting on a throne with a crown on her head

What should you do when your Emperor/husband divorces you for his mistress? You marry the king of another country and come out on top! At least, that’s what Navier did when she was on the verge of political exile. This royal webtoon’s combines political drama and romance to make it a story you’ll need to see through til the end. The series is currently ongoing, but I am hopeful it will one day be adapted into a K-drama or anime.

Who Made Me A Princess

Blonde man in dress clothes laying down holding a little blonde girl in a dress and flower crown

Princess Athanasia’s story has already been written, as she is doomed to tragically die at her father’s hands. When a woman is mysteriously transported into Athanasia’s body, she is determined to avoid the princess’s tragic fate, but she never expected to bond with her cold-blooded father. A fight against fate and a father-daughter bond that will melt your heart make this completed webtoon perfect for a TV show.

Cherry Blossoms After Winter

Man with silver hair in black suit leaning onto man with blue hair in blue suit while they smile at each other

Cherry Blossoms After Winter is a sweet and spicy coming-of-age romance that follows the love story of childhood friends Haebom and Taesung. The two are estranged when the series begins, and there’s nothing more satisfying than watching them overcome every obstacle and find their way back to each other. This webtoon has the potential to be a perfect feel-good watch for everyone.

Empress of Another World

Brunette woman in pink ballgown wearing a crown and holding a scepter surrounded by butterflies and red roses

Empress of Another World follows Korean high schooler Sabina after she is thrust into another world and later forced to become the concubine of a disgusting king. When Sabina witnesses the assassination of the king, she is thrust into a dangerous game for the throne. A proposal from Prince Lucretius places a target on her back and a whirlwind romance in her future. Sabina’s story is inspiring to readers as she rises to power and overcomes every obstacle thrown her way. This webtoon has something for everyone. If adapted, it will certainly keep viewers interested until the final episode.

Father, I Don’t Want This Marriage

Silver-haired woman in wedding dress and veil holding hands with a silver haired man and dark-haired man both dressed in formal wear

Father, I Don’t Want This Marriage has it all: action, romance, a heartwarming family dynamic, and a gorgeous art style. The despised villainess Juvelian passes away and is thrown back in time after her father and lover turn their backs on her. Juvelian is determined not to waste her second chance, so she breaks up with her lover and stops trying to earn her father’s love. Juvelian is dead set on living her new life to the fullest, but she fears an engagement with the notorious crown prince might wreck her plans. If this webtoon is adapted, audiences will get to enjoy Juvelian’s story of redemption and the many twists and turns that accompany it.

The Monstrous Duke’s Adopted Daughter

Child with white hair and purple eyes wearing an orange dress holding black stuffed rabbit while an older woman with long hair and a half mask on her face smiles at her while a boy in a cloak is crouched down beside the little girl smiling

The Monstrous Duke’s Adopted Daughter centers around a brave little girl who strives for a better life by escaping her abusive family. After her family sacrifices her, Leslie awakens an ancient power that grants her the courage to give herself a brighter future. Leslie asks the terrifying duke to adopt her in exchange for the use of her powers. Leslie’s coming-of-age story needs to be shared on the big screen, so more viewers can see Leslie’s emotional and fulfilling journey.

Daisy: How to Become the Duke’s Fiancée

Dark haired man in dark dress clothes holding on to light brunette woman in pink a pink dress as they dance

This webtoon centers around a contract romance that frees both its participants from the regrets of their past lives. Daisy’s pitiful life comes to an end after the betrayal of her lover. But when given another chance, she is determined to leave her sorrows behind. First, she must solve the problem of her father’s crippling debt. Daisy approaches the notorious Marquis Killian with a contract that will wipe her father’s debt and earn him the title of duke. This contract romance is sweet with a little bit of spice, as Daisy and Killian quickly discover that their contract is more than they bargained for. This webtoon is currently ongoing, but I have high hopes that it will one day be adapted successfully.


A red background with a red and blue dragon head interlocking over red-haired woman in blue outfit back to back with brunette man in black jacket

An elegant art style combined with a complex storyline makes this fantasy webtoon a treat for everyone. Clove is the last princess of a near-extinct clan, and in a desperate attempt to save her people, she will marry her greatest enemy. Enemies-to-lovers, dragons, and more make this ongoing webtoon a great fit for an adaptation.

Let’s Play

Brunette woman in sweatshirt working the computers are falling off and the coffee has gone flying while her dog is floating next to her

Let’s Play is a fun, compelling story about Sam, the introverted gamer-girl. Sam’s dreams come true when she releases her first game, but her hopes are quickly crushed when a popular streamer gives her a bad review. It only gets worse when she discovers the streamer is her new neighbor! Sam’s story is relatable to audiences as she faces everyday struggles in her work and personal life. This ongoing webtoon is on hiatus, but I have no doubt that it could quickly rise in popularity as a TV series.


Red haired woman leaning over and looking down on a sleeping man with an open shirt

UnTouchable follows the love story of a modern-day vampire and a human. Sia isn’t a blood-sucking vampire, instead, she absorbs energy by touching humans. Upon meeting Jiho, she is determined to touch him, but her plans are derailed by his mysophobia. Sia and Jiho’s romance did not begin with the purest intentions, but it is sure to melt your heart. An adaptation of this supernatural romance would quickly find its place in viewers’ hearts.

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