Refreshing Books on Renewal and Rebirth: Pride and Prejudice

Having spring fever? Pride and Prejudice is a book you should add to your spring TBR. This is a book that is blossoming along with the season.

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The weather is starting to get warmer as the weeks go by and the pollen is starting to waft through the air. It all just makes you want to sit under the warm sun and read a book that makes you feel good inside. Luckily in our series “Refreshing Books on Renewal and Rebirth,” we are here to offer you books that feel like springtime. Today, we are talking about the all-time favorite Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.

Here we are providing a whole new perspective on what should be your springtime read. Choose one of these featured books to add to your April or May list, but don’t worry if you can’t get to all of them this season.

pride and prejudice

If you are looking for a classic enemies-to-lovers romance story, this is the book for you this season. It is one of the most classic romance books. The beautiful English Countryside backdrop and the gorgeous descriptions make it the perfect springtime read.

The story follows a group of daughters. Mrs. Bennet insists that they all find rich husbands to settle down with. So when a wealthy bachelor moves into town, she is very pleased.

Vivacious heroine, Elizabeth Bennet, exudes “spring.” In this story, she transforms and blossoms. She is witty and humorous and not too perfect. She is lively, curious, as well as confident. Elizabeth is a lovely character that goes through the ups and downs of life and romance. She has a playful disposition that radiates positivity and loyalty.

As I said, it is a classic romance story that has had bookish people hooked for decades. Not to mention, the themes are timeless. Although it was first published in 1813, the messages still ring true and are relevant to this day.

If you watched the movie and have yet to read the book, now is your time. Be sure to keep up to date with more springtime recommendations here!