Reading Journals All Book-Lovers Should Have

Have you ever wanted a journal, specifically for all your reads and bookish ideas?

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Happy National Read a Book Day! Let’s talk about one of my favorite ways to keep track of the books you read and your thoughts on them: reading journals!

1. The Reading Journal–Amazon $24.95


This Kunitsa Co. Reading Journal on Amazon is the perfect way to keep a reading log. It has an area to include all the book details: title, author, genre, etc. You can write down your book review, all complete with writing prompts and a page for thoughts or quotes. Instead of lines, the space to write in is dotted like a bullet journal, so you can write, draw, put sticky notes–whatever you want to add. There are pages for keeping track of reading challenges, books finished, and daily reading. The nice thing about this book is that everything is very visual–you can color in your progress for things like reading goals and have plenty of space to add more visual elements if you want. Plus, the cover is so minimalistic and aesthetic.

2. Reading Journal: A Log to Remember the Books You Love, Notes & Quotes – Amazon $7.99 (Paperback) or $16.99 (Hardcover)


Okay, first of all, how cute is this cover? It’s adorable. Other than that, this journal by C. Whitney has a two-page spread for each book, with space to include details, your reviews, and thoughts. There’s enough space for you to record up to 50 books! This journal is incredibly organized–there’s even a numbered Summary of Books index to keep track of all the books you’ve read and have a master list in one place. Another thing I love about this is that there’s plenty of extra space in the back of the book for miscellaneous thoughts and ideas.

3. A Clockwork Reader Reading Journal–Barnes & Noble $25.00


This journal is by YouTuber Hannah Azerang, and it has space for you to document up to 100 books! If you’re a fan of this YouTuber, you’ll love this book–not only does it have space for you to track your reading, but it also includes some of Azerang’s favorite books and quotes, as well as her drawings and doodles! As far as your own documentation, Azerang helps you create a unique way to track your reading through questions about what you’ve read and challenges for what to read next.

4. Book Journal: A Reader’s Companion–Etsy $24.63


If you want to support small businesses, LeWillowbean on Etsy has this adorable handmade journal with space to record up to 101 books. With organized and aesthetic layouts, this book has pages for books you’ve completed, your book wishlist, diversifying your reading (with a chart to help!), reading challenges, a reading tracker, a log for book reviews, and extra space for notes and ideas. Not only is it beautiful, but this journal is unique and challenges you to try new things!

5. My Book Journal–Etsy $30.03


If you want more handmade journals by small businesses, this book by lucysaysido on Etsy is to die for. The botanical line art on the cover is just one of many cover options that you can choose from, so you can pick one that matches your vibe. One amazing attribute about this book is that it lays completely flat on your desk–a small detail, but one that makes all the difference. Outside of the layout that has space to record up to 100 books, this journal has unique lists for you to add to, such as “characters I want to remember” and “classics I want to read.” This unique journal is perfect for personalizing and will help you think deeper about your reading.

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