Read ‘Lullaby’: A Sleep Demon Owns a Mattress Firm

How ironic that a sleep demon who can’t sleep owns a mattress firm. Disguised as a human CEO by day and at night does his duties, he finally meets the woman who can bring him back home.

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We all need sleep, but this comic will keep you up under the covers due to the slow-burning romance. Webtoon Lullaby was written by MJ and the art was illustrated by Baeklee. This fantasy is about another world with demons and of course, add an office romance trope into the mix. This comic updates every Friday.

Lullaby Plot


A business sleeping arrangement with a sleep demon who happens to be the CEO of your new job isn’t what Seohwa expected. CEO Cheolsu Gam hasn’t had a good night’s sleep in over 600 years. When meeting Seohwa he was able to get rest. So he strikes a deal with her so he can get back to the demon realm.

However, their chemistry is undeniable and her inability to sleep may cause issues. But with strange reveals of past events she doesn’t remember, can she trust Mr. Gam and figure out the purpose for his banishment from the human world?

Cheolsu Gam

Cheolsu Gam, Lullaby

Cheolsu Gam is a sleep demon that hasn’t slept in over 600 years since being banished to Earth. Now his job is to put people to sleep. He is actually the CEO of the mattress firm company Good Night Sleep (GNS). When he encounters a new hire that he coincidentally met at a nearby cafe, already his impression of her is naive.

However, she is passionate about his company and soon he realizes that she is his unique partner that can help him get back to the demon realm. He wants to make a deal, make sure she gets good rest so the magic hourglass can empty and he can leave human society for good.

Seohwa Lee

Seohwa Lee, Lullaby

Seohwa is excited to be working for GNS, she has been wanting to apply for a serious job for a very long time. When she finds out her boss is the guy at the cafe who she assumed was broke and job hunting, she is embarrassed. To top it all off he picks on her a bit and gives her the cold blunt shoulder with his words and logic.

If that wasn’t enough, she sees him at night in a strange outfit only to find out he is actually a sleep demon and that they are connected. So when she falls asleep, he will be able to go to sleep. His goal is a business arrangement where she lives with him so he can monitor her sleep, but his kindness towards her isn’t like the guy she first met. Does Gam actually care about her, or is it just so he can go home? And what are these mysterious memories of him that keep surfacing in unexpected ways?


Geum, Lullaby

Finally, his rightful King has found his sleep partner that will help him go back to the demon realm! Geum has been a friend to Mr. Gam since he got banished from human society. He is a manager and Gam’s right-hand man for the GNS company. His job is to protect the hourglass and monitor both Gam and Seohwa’s sleep and health.


Doyeong, Lullaby

Doyeong is the younger half-brother of Gam and is the king of the demon realm. His powers consist of manipulating humans or creating marionettes with white strings that only Seohwa can see. His goal is to make sure his eldest brother runs out of time and stays in the human world forever. He will do anything and everything to keep the hourglass from emptying, even if it means putting humans in harm’s way and manipulating them.

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