Read ‘Heavenly Eats’ for a Food Delivery Comedy

Ever wondered what food makes you the happiest? Well Heavenly Eats has you covered. They are open 24/7 and can fulfill your true happiness with the food you want upon request.

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Food delivery is the one thing we can look forward to when we’re not in the mood to cook. The Webtoon Heavenly Eats takes a creative spin and begs the question, “What if our food deliveries came from the afterlife? How would they taste?” Well, creator Myoung rang, and artist Allbba have created this comedy read as we explore the predicament of God’s son as he tackles this task.

Heavenly Eats Plot


Dalsu, the song of God, has been kicked out of the afterworld and sent to Earth to complete a mission. The mission is to find out what makes humans truly happy. He teamed up with his friend Lisa who is an angel and a talented chef, and they establish a food service that is literally in the clouds on Earth. Because food is what makes people the happiest, right? If the happiness meter on his motorcycle reaches 100%, he can return home. Will Dalsu be able to reach his food delivery happiness goal?

Meet the Characters



Dalsu is arrogant and brash, he believes he can take over the family business. However, his laziness and overconfidence don’t sit well with his father. So the father makes a deal and sends him to Earth to figure out the true happiness among humans. Once the happiness meter on his delivery motorcycle goes to 100, he can come home. But Dalsu doesn’t have a good work ethic, and he doesn’t understand the point of this mission. Regardless, he makes the food deliveries while Lisa cooks. When his other childhood friend Ginong arrives, there is more help, but will he be able to figure out the true happiness of humans and go back to the afterworld?



Lisa is an angel who has known Dalsu since childhood. Although they are childhood friends, they are opposites. She has an overachiever work ethic. She is a leader and is ambitious. She was at the top of her class in school and university. She went on to study a broad of the human world and became an excellent sous chef. She has a short fuse, which Dalsu usually triggers with his antics. But she came back to help Dalsu on his mission, upon his father’s request. So she created the marketing strategy and prepares all the meals for the customers while Dalsu delivers.



Ginong is the son of Satan, and he is surprisingly kind-hearted. He doesn’t want to take over his father’s company and wants to do his own thing. He became close friends with Lisa and Dalsu in the afterworld school. however, he was introverted and shy. Being the son of the fallen angel, he is also technically a fallen angel, he has the red halo. Now, the world of this new Heavenly Eats establishment on the Earth’s clouds piques his interest. He comes down for a visit to see his closest friends and decides to help out.

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