Quantum Entanglement: Experimenting on Emotional Connections and Love

‘Quantum Entanglement’ is a science fiction romance Webtoon about two friends navigating a scientific discovery that has them feeling each others emotions.

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Want a new romance that is odd and has scientific principles? Then read the Webtoon Quantum Entanglement. A romance about two best friends who experience an impossible scientific phenomenon. Creator Arts Angel updates this Canvas Webtoon on Mondays every week.

Quantum Entanglement Plot


An introverted physicist with anxiety and an extroverted friend can feel each other’s emotions after a fourth-dimensional experiment gets out of hand. Can these new, rekindled best friends reconnect and figure out this scientific phenomenon?

Meet the Characters



Alex is studying mathematics in college and is overworked. She hasn’t had a break or downtime in quite a while, but she’s used to it. She is a social media manager for her friend Meilin, a famous violinist. She takes a trip to visit her long-term friend, Ethan, but Alex is so consumed by work. She lets work take over her life as she has feelings of insecurity and inadequacy. Although her closest friend Ethan encourages her, she can’t help but feel lesser than him, as he is a physicist. As they reconnect, she keeps wondering to herself if he has any interest in her. Despite Meilin’s assistance on the matter, she isn’t sure what he’s thinking. When an experiment goes wrong in his lab, she is suddenly able to sense Ethan’s emotions much better. Can this be the spark they need to be closer to?



Ethan is an introvert and has anxiety. He is very shy and doesn’t put himself out there. But his passion for physics and science is obvious. He is very skilled at testing for scientific breakthroughs with his college and his physics partner Gabriel. Ethan hasn’t seen his best friend Alex in years; he felt selfish for following this passion. But upon seeing her, his deep feelings for her have lit up, and he doesn’t know if he should go for it. When he introduces her to his lab and tests an experiment, all of a sudden, she has this deep profound understanding of what he’s feeling. A little bit shocked and embarrassed, he is reluctant at first to begin experimenting with this hypothesis. But the more she understands will benefit their friendship. Could it turn into something more?

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