‘My Gently Raised Beast’: A Cinderella-Inspired Webtoon

‘My Gently Raised Beast’ is a romance fantasy Webtoon. Fans of Cinderella will enjoy this girl’s journey into falling in love and uniting humans and beasts.

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Need a Webtoon recommendation that goes back into the fairytale romance? Well, My Gently Raised Beast is a complete favorite that has some aspects of the classic Cinderella fairytale. However, there are plenty of twists and turns; with a beast clan and no glass slippers of any kind.

My Gently Raised Beast: Plot

Amon-holding-Blondina - My Gently Raised Beast Cover Art

Blondina has begun living the Cinderella life story. To circle back before she became royalty, she grew up poor, enduring a troubled childhood. She is soon discovered to be a princess of the Ates Empire. With an estranged father and two step-siblings, they haven’t been welcoming, and she has kept a low profile. When she befriends a cat named Amon, who has mysterious intentions, she doesn’t feel so alone. For years divine beasts and humans have had bloodshed in past years, and tensions are high. Will the bond of Blondina and Amon bring both closer or cause a huge rift between their kind?

Meet the Characters in the Empire:



Blondina has been poor all her life. Ever since her mother passed away, she became a maid to two owners at an inn. They verbally and physically abused her. The only item she has of her past was a ring her mother said came from her father.

One day she decided to run and find someone who can verify the ring for money. Instead, she is thrust into the Ates Empire as the princess. Her mother never told her about her father’s power or where he came from. She didn’t expect to be showered with open arms, when introduced to her father, she saw him as reserved and didn’t take any interest in her. Her step-siblings, Lart and Adellai, gave her the cold shoulder. But she keeps her head high, all while staying in the background. Blondina prefers it this way, and she’ll get by with a new lady in waiting.

When she meets a talking cat named Amon, she is quickly smitten. As the years go by, she realizes he is more than just a talking cat, he keeps her safe and makes her feel seen. Can this strange relationship escalate and become something special?

Amon Akin


Amon is a divine beast who is the descendant of the black leopard, the dangerous beast that slaughtered humans and beasts years ago. He is feared and always seen as a threat. Upon meeting Blondina, he didn’t expect to be smothered and cared for. As their friendship develops, he grows fond of her and visits the Ates Empire in his cat form. Years go by, and he has grown, but he doesn’t believe Blondina knows his true feelings. He hopes that once he becomes the leader of the divine beasts and lets her get used to his giant black leopard, she will be able to handle his mature human form.

Lucy Herive


Lucy is a maid and the lady in waiting for Blondina. She grew up with some forms of finery under the Herive name, but now she serves the Ates Empire. Lucy gets along well with Blondina, and they form a strong bond of friendship. When discovering who Amon truly is, she still treats him as any cat, giving him a string and even making him cookies. Although the other siblings look down on Blondina, she believes Blondina is a true example of royalty. Even if Lart is treating both girls kindly, she is a bit cautious. She will continue to serve Blondina and support her in her endeavors.



Lart is destined to inherit the throne of the Ates Empire someday, but he isn’t taken seriously. He is seen as the one who goofs off or isn’t as serious about his responsibilities. He is ill-tempered and acts up quickly. Lart gets reprimanded by his mother, father, and his sister Adellai. When Blondina came as a surprise step-sister, immediately he ignores her. Why should he treat her as an equal when she grew up in the slums? As he witnesses her strength and tenacity, he soon has a change of heart. As the years pass, he grows to respect Blondina and develops feelings for Lucy, thus giving him the drive to take his position as the next heir seriously. Hopefully, he can foil whatever schemes his biological sister has in place.



Adellai is the ruthless and regal sibling of the Ates Empire. Her brother isn’t refined, and so she has to teach him a thing or two to build a good reputation for the Empire and their father. She is a bit of a daddy’s girl, always trying to seek his approval. When her father mentions that he can see her as the future of the Empire, she sees this as an opportunity to gain footing in the hierarchy. Adellai’s goal is to have her brother out of the spotlight, get rid of Blondina, and destroy the divine beast clan. But as they get older, Blondina starts to receive attention from Prince Philip, the divine beast, and even her brother isn’t bullying her anymore. When all seems lost, she forms a sinister plot that will hopefully take out everything standing in her way.

Philip Marquess


Prince Philip of the Marquess clan usually gets whatever he wants. When word spread that the siblings of the Ates Empire have a new sister, he was intrigued. Upon their first meeting, she was a bit timid but stood her ground when Adellai put her on the spot. So, he invited her to his birthday party.

When the party began, he was shocked to hear her speak in their ancient language, and with such a moving speech about not caring about her background and being true to herself, he was moved. He wanted her as a future bride. But with a fatal rejection of a simple friendship, he became determined to woo her. Years have passed since his studies abroad, and he is set on courting her. Little did he know that there was a divine beast who has already touched her heart. Now he plans to work with Adellai to be rid of divine beasts, maybe then he can have her hand.

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