Punderworld: Ready for an Adorable Hades Persephone Romance?

Read Greek mythology romance ‘Punderworld’ about the love story between Hades and Persephone.

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Greek mythology is an intriguing topic that is now being modernized in stories. If you are a greek mythology buff and enjoy romance then this Webtoon comic is right for you. It’s a sweet story of falling in love with the ideal characters of Hades and Perseophone. Punderworld is as adorable as it is greek, by the creator Sigeel also known as Linda Sejic.

Punderworld Romance Plot


A lovestruck story about two people that keep encountering misadventures while trying to navigate their own feelings and start a meaningful relationships. When certain duties get in the way and some misunderstandings will this god of the underworld be able to make the pure goddess of the Earth his?

Meet the Two Love Birds



She is stuck with her mother Demeter, helping her make the human world looks beautiful in nature. She just works day in and day out with her emotions flowering all plants around her. With every duty her mother is very protective and once her to focus on creating a beautiful life for the human race. However, she wants to go off and do something other than gardening, she wants to find love and learn more about the world above. When she meets Hades, she doesn’t even know who he is, but his shyness and kindness intrigued her.



Hades has a bad reputation of being evil and cruel to the human dead. However, that is far from it. He takes his job seriouslyand does what he can in the underworld to guide lost souls to their proper resting places. He is a workaholic and doesn’t take time to be social. Usually he spends his time venturing to find necessary resources for his research and job. When he goes to Demeter for some herbs he meets Persephone and is immediately smitten. He has kept his crush on her for thousands of years and he thinks now may be the time to make a move.

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