7 Suggestions For Your Friend Who Never Reads

Readers love nothing more than being asked for a book recommendation. What about those who don’t read? Well, there’s a book for everyone. Yes, even your friend who never reads.

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As readers, we can’t possibly imagine a life without books, yet there are still people who refuse to step foot in a bookstore or crack open a good book. Why would anyone want to limit themselves to reality? We’re not sure, but we do know there’s a book for everyone. I’m sure of it. Not every reader has to love romance, fantasy, or non-fiction books. But you can make anyone a reader—there’s a story in each one of us.

The Friend Who Never Reads

Nothing compares to sharing a good book with someone you care about. However, it can be hard to find common interests among your friends when you all like different things. Some of us read books for comfort, and others enjoy music, art, cooking, watching horror movies, etc. What if I told you we could find common ground for readers and non-readers? Yes, even that one friend who falls asleep on page 2. Your friend who never reads will appreciate these recommendations.

1. For Your Friend Who Can’t Commit To The Hours


Some of our friends might need a slow introduction to reading before diving into a 300 page book. Reading is a commitment, and probably the most important one. A good introduction to reading may be something that requires little commitment or has a variety of stories to keep their interest. I would suggest a collection of short stories like The Elephant Vanishes by Haruki Murakami. You can practically start anywhere when reading these short stories. You’re not limited to one linear story. Additionally, this book, in particular, will have you re-reading stories. These stories are strange and quite comical. The short story, “The Second Bakery Attack,” may be one of my favorites, considering its plot. It follows a hungry couple that goes on a midnight run to McDonald’s. Without spoiling anything… every bakery is closed, and they’re determined to eat.

2. For Your Friend Who Loves Horror Movies And Shows


We all know a horror story fanatic or two, myself included. So what would you suggest to someone obsessed with true crime, horror films, or mystery shows? Simple, another horror story that they can experience in real-time with an audible book. If your friend is a fan of the Netflix series The Haunting of Hill House, based on Shirley Jackson’s 1959 novel of the same name, then we have the perfect audiobook. The Good House by Tananarive Due and narrated by Robin Miles is one of the most popular horror stories on audible. For your friend who loves horror, they can enjoy the haunting tale from an Award-Winning author on their way to work, on a lonely night, or a road trip. There’s nothing scarier than listening to a horror story alone, especially when you have to use your imagination.

3. For Your Friend Who Is Obsessed With Podcasts


You probably know there’s a podcast for anything and everything. If your friend loves podcasts, try suggesting one that packs a punch with unique and different stories every episode. The Truth by Jonathan Mitchell is one of the leading fiction podcasts. Each episode has its own creative and immersive story. A fictional story with sound effects and music? I’m following as we speak. I especially love how ironic the title of this podcasts is, considering all the stories are fiction. As a listener, you’re thrown into the narrative with no introduction, and it becomes an eery and exciting journey. Yes, this may not be a book per se, but it’s a great introduction to the world of storytelling.

4. For Your Friend Who Loves A Good Quote


Most of the best quotes come from poetry, and what better way to get into reading than the incredible Maya Angelou. Perhaps one of the best poetry collections of all time is Maya Angelou’s And Still I Rise. Her poems include themes like self-respect, confidence, oppression, and resilience. If your friend appreciates an influential quote or an inspiring message, Maya Angelou’s words will exceed their expectations in tenfold. She can say a lot with just a few words. I can’t think of a better introduction to reading than my first love: poetry.

5. For Your Friend Who Loves To Cook


I’m definitely not the “cook” in my friend group, but they exist! I know what you’re thinking and no, it’s not just another cook book. Not necessarily. I own plenty of cookbooks. They provide great recipes according to themes and cultures, but I rarely see any cookbooks with stories about the chefs themselves. What made these people want to cook, how they became chefs in the first place, and what inspires them? Matty Matheson: A Cookbook by Matty Matheson is one of my favorite cook books because Matty personally shares all of that. Matheson is one of my favorite chefs on Youtube and has become a fan favorite. As you read his book, you learn about his family history and the recipes that make his life story. It’s an inspiring cook book for anyone who loves to cook, is learning how to cook, and thinks of food as their livelihood.

An honorable mention would be Andrew Rea from Binging With Babish on Youtube. In his creative cookbook, Binging With Babish: 100 Recipes Recreated from Your Favorite Movies and TV Shows, Rea shares his experiences as a chef and some of the weirdest food ideas from your favorite TV shows like Bob’s Burgers. Either one of these books is a great introduction to a deeper reading if food and cooking are one of your favorite subjects.

6. For Your Friend Who Loves Photography And Art


Your visual friends who have a deep appreciation for art will likely love to read the words of artists they admire. I understand the love for these mediums. Sometimes a photograph or an art piece can speak louder than words. Similar to cooking or writing music, inspiration is a key factor in making art come to life. It stems from somewhere. Therefore, I’d suggest an art book or photography book by someone your friend truly admires or the kind that inspires them. One of my favorite artists is Yayoi Kusama, who released a book called Every Day I Pray for Love. Although her art may not be for everyone, her detailing of her personal artistic process and how poetic language plays a vital role is inspiring to read. Anyone who admires the visual medium will have a hard time saying “no” to a book by one of their favorite artists.

7. For Your Music Fanatic Friend


The most common friend may be the music lover. Chances are, we all probably have a favorite band or musician. What about those who actually sing, write or produce songs for a living? One of the most interesting things I’ve learned from any creative person, especially from musicians, is that you learn from imitation. ​​The path to success of your favorite artists was most likely paved by the musicians who inspired them. For your all your music-loving friends, I suggest recommending a book by one of their favorite musicians.

My current favorite music memoir is The Storyteller: Tales of Life and Music by Dave Grohl. Any fan of Nirvana or Foo Fighters would love to learn how their favorite drummer became who he is today. Grohl explores his early years as a struggling musician and the choices that led him to worldwide success. A personal account from your favorite musician? What more could you ask for? And if your friend isn’t a fan of Dave Grohl, that’s okay. I guess.

There are plenty of memoirs on musicians from all kinds of music genres like Billie Holiday, Amy Winehouse, Prince, Keith Richards, Elton John and many more. Music moves us, and so does the life story of our favorite musicians. Your friend is more likely to read their memoir because of it.

We hope you found something for your friend that never reads. And if you didn’t, don’t give up on them. I promise, there’s a story for each of us. We either have to find it or write it.

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