Promising New Voice in Romance Penning Scripts for Major Adaptations

When she isn’t bringing romance books to the big screen, Yulin Kuang is writing her own romances. Read on for more about her recent endeavors.

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A picture of Yulin Kuang between the book covers for Beach Read and People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry.

You may have heard the name Yulin Kuang when news broke that not one but two of Emily Henry’s best-selling novels are getting movie adaptations. Kuang is the screenwriter for the upcoming movies People We Meet on Vacation and Beach Read, the latter of which Kuang is also directing. Kuang must be a fan of romance herself to be involved in bringing such popular romances to life, but did you know she recently published a romance of her own?

Here’s everything you need to know about Kuang’s debut and what the beginning of her career as an author means for her future in movies.

How to End a Love Story

Book cover for "How to End A Love Story" by Yulin Kuang.

Released on April 9th, How to End A Love Story follows author Helen Zhang and TV writer Grant Shepard when they meet in the writers’ room that is adapting Helen’s YA book series. It’s been 13 years since Helen and Grant have seen each other, and both of them have tried coping with the dark secret that binds them in their own way. Helen threw herself into her writing and managed to get a spot in the writers’ room of her bestselling novel series’ TV adaptation. Grant moved as far away from his past as he could manage and built a new life for himself, a life where his panic attacks are mostly under control. Taking a job on Helen’s show will threaten the progress he’s made, but it will also be the door he needs to bigger and better job opportunities. When Helen and Grant meet again, the sparks between them illuminate their shared dark history and upheave the lives they’ve built for themselves.

Kuang started writing her debut while working on the adaptations of Henry’s books. During an interview with Variety, Kuang confirmed she signed a three-book deal with her publisher, Avon, which gives readers at least two more titles to look forward to from Kuang. But the likelihood of those books continuing Helen and Grant’s story is low:

The thing that draws me to romance as a genre is the way that the stories end, which is not necessarily how the characters end. I think that the characters are existing in this world: Grant is living through pilot season and Helen’s in the background, writing books and things right. But I think this is where I leave them. I have written them to the point that I am interested in them and I’m ready to take on other stories.

Bringing Emily Henry’s Books to Life

While on tour for her debut, Kuang has taken a break from the scripts for People We Meet on Vacation and Beach Read. In the same interview with Variety, Kuang revealed that she expects to make more changes to Beach Read’s script based on notes from the studio. The script for People We Meet on Vacation, Kuang thought, was mostly a done deal, leaving the work up to the movie’s director, Brett Haley.

Book cover for "People We Meet on Vacation" by Emily Henry.

Nothing definitive has been released about the cast for either movie, but the Internet has had its fun with guessing who the leading actors could be. Many fans suspect that Ayo Edebiri and Paul Mescal could be the leads for either project, a theory that Emily Henry alluded to when posting a picture with Edebiri to Instagram. For now, most details about both movies remain a mystery.

An adaptation for Kuang?

Kuang doesn’t have any news about an adaptation of her own romance. If such a thing is in the cards for the future, Kuang does have some thoughts on how she’d want it to play out. Speaking with Variety, Kuang said that she would prefer How to End a Love Story to be adapted as a TV show. She notes the irony since she is writing the screenplays for not one but two movies based on romance books, but she believes TV would be the best way to go:

I would only do it as a series. I was talking to an executive friend and she was like, ‘Why won’t you do this as a movie?’ And I was like, ‘Because I don’t want to have the Act Two in New Jersey. I want to have the New Jersey episode.’ That makes more sense to me.

Stay tuned for more details about the People We Meet on Vacation and Beach Read adaptations, as well as Kuang’s forthcoming novels!

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