Practical Magic 2: What We Know and What We’re Wishing For

It’s official! Practical Magic 2 has been announced. Read on to find out more about the long-awaited sequel to this popular 90s films.

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Since its release in 1998, Practical Magic has been a comfort movie for many. It’s got this warm tone and smooth dialogue that just feels like you’re wrapped up in a cozy blanket on a chilly October day. Sure, the actual plot of the movie isn’t always warm and cozy, but that’s not the point. This film is like a warm hug, and it is finally, finally getting a sequel!

Practical Magic’s central focus is on two witchy sisters, Sally (Sandra Bullock) and Gillian (Nicole Kidman) Owens. They belong to a cursed family that promises every man who falls in love with them a doomed end. The movie explores the sisters’ relationships with men as well as with each other and how far they would go if one of them found herself in a bit of a pickle in this enchanting film.

Two sisters, one sitting with red hair and one laying down with brunette hair, are in a bed. Both are wearing some combination of plaid and gray.

Fans have been begging for a sequel to this film, and on June 11, the Warner Bros. TikTok account posted a mysterious (now deleted) video that read “Midnight on TikTok” above a flickering candle. That midnight announcement turned out to be that Practical Magic is now streaming on Max, which made a lot of sequel-expecting fans disappointed.

A women with white skin and brown hair holds something over a lit candle. She has a focused expression, and is wearing a dark sweater and sitting at a desk.

Fortunately, several hours later (which turned out to be midnight in Australia), Warner Bros. announced the long-awaited Practical Magic sequel — with a meme. Many commented, but there are some things we know for certain: it must star Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman, should definitely include a soundtrack by Stevie Nicks, and the WB better not eff it up!

A man and a woman embrace, forehead to forehead. Behind them is what looks like an ocean.

There are four books in the original Practical Magic series: Practical Magic, The Rules of Magic, Magic Lessons, and The Book of Magic. The Rules of Magic and Magic Lessons are both prequels to Practical Magic, while The Book of Magic is a sequel.

A golden book cover with painted black roses and a black square in the middle that says "New York Times Bestselling Author Alice Hoffman" above the title, "Practical Magic".

This means that this new film could be a direct sequel to the original, focusing on the next generation of sisters like The Book of Magic does, or an exploration of an older generation of Owens sisters, those that came before Sally and Gillian. It could even be about the very first Owens witch explored in Magic Lessons, who was hanged for loving the wrong man. There are a number of possibilities, and we are beyond excited for all of them.

Two older women stand in a house looking off-screen. They wear eclectic brown outfits.

Personally, I’m just hoping that the filmmakers keep the style of the original 1998 movie. The 90s charm combined with the warm colors and the gorgeous, small-town aesthetic isn’t something that can be perfectly replicated, but I think if they can capture the essence of what Practical Magic is about —sisterhood, magic, and love — then it’ll be a great movie no matter what.

A redhead woman and a young brunette girl sit at a table in the kitchen, while a brunette woman peeks out from behind some cabinets.

We’re all thrilled for this sequel and are probably going to go stream Practical Magic on Max about a hundred times to prepare for the next movie. Be sure to check it out when it releases!

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