Poetry Collections to Read this Summer Vacation!

Summer vacation is coming up and you don’t have any poetry to take with you? No need to panic, here are seven amazing collections to sink into!

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It’s that type of weather where Summer is on the rise. Craving new poetry to read this Summer? Here are poetry collections you can read during this summer vacation. If you want to squeeze in some reading during your summer break or vacation trip try these reads.

1. A Poem for Every Summer Day By Allie Esiri


Poetry that shows verses of summer scenes. A few selections from Esiri’s anthology series, Every Day of the Year and Every Night of the Year. There is an introduction to each seasonal work and all the poems are fun for the whole family. Some poems included are from authors: Sylvia Plath, William Butler Yeats, Rudyard Kipling, Langston Hughes, and more. A poem a day will keep the inner bookworm at bay.

2. The Path to Kindness: Poems of Connections & Joy By James Crews


The second installment in the anthology of poetry collections, starting with How to Love the World–offers 100 deep and relatable poems that are written by diverse voices such as Julia Alvarez, Ross Gay, and Naomi Shihab. More voices include Tracy K. Smith, Joy Harjo, and Susan Musgrave.

There are prompts for the reader to explore and journaling prompts that led to the creation of these poems. The book includes a bio of all writers and cover art by Dinara Mirtalipova.

3. Soft Science By Franny Choi


A series of poems that explore queer Asian American femininity. Poetry that has questions of identity and being consciously aware to explore. Tender and compassionate despite the trauma or violence-filled actions of AI or any form of technology and automation. With modern world technology, gender, violence, and loneliness as themes; these poems will have you analyzing and thinking of the bigger picture while finding yourself.

4. Summer Snow: New Poems By Robert Hass


Another collection from Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award winner. This volume from 2010 has new poems. New messages are revealed through Hass’s subtle humor. He focuses on the human experiences that are in front of you. Gracefully written, some topics are loss, nature, desire, and ambition that shows his brilliance. Brilliant poems like these are perfect for your summer walk in the sun.

5. The Beautiful Chaos of Growing Up By Ari Satok


Poetry that showcases the chaotic life of young adulthood. Await the horrors, realities, humor, and insightfulness this unpacks. If you are a college student, in high school, or a recent graduate, this can be relatable on many levels. This collection navigates the ups and downs of growing up, independence, anxiety, friendship, job interviews, graduation, and every ‘first’ when growing up. Along with the chaotic life of learning to be an adult, there is power in these examples.

6. All Along You Were Blooming By Morgan Harper Nichols


This collection has themes of healing, freedom, hope, heart, and restoration. Illustrated poetry and prose. One thing you will learn in this collection is that light follows when you least expect it. This can be read by all ages, used for educational purposes, or read for holidays or seasonal occasions. In this case, let your mind bloom over this summer poetry.

7. Sincerely by F.S. Yousaf


Inspired by the love letters of his lover, Yousaf gets inspiration to do his proposal and also this prose and poetry collection. With love messages, positive energy, and hope-filled– this collection has plenty for anyone who needs a smile on their face and heart.

Did any of these poetry collections catch your eye? Try reading one or the entire list during your summer vacation. For more amazing poetry suggestions go to Bookstr.