Poetry at Work Day: Bringing Fun Back Into the Workplace

Happy Poetry at Work Day! If you’ve found yourself in a slump at work, increase productivity by celebrating the benefits of poetry while on the clock.

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Even though this holiday is relatively new, Poetry at Work Day has already shown to have tremendous results for workers everywhere. Regardless of what type of industry you work in, everyone can benefit from taking some time to participate in creative collaboration. 

Poetry at Work Day is meant to amplify creativity in the workplace, and what better way to do it than by honoring a unique form of literary expression? If you want to know more about this poetic holiday, keep reading! We discuss how this innovative holiday came to be, and as a bonus, we’ve included five great ways to bring the art of poetry into everyone’s workspace.

The History of Poetry at Work Day

Founder of Poetry at Work Day, Tweetspeak Poetry website

Inventive ideas can come from anywhere when a team puts their heads together, and that’s exactly how Poetry at Work Day came to be. In 2013, the editorial staff at Tweetspeak Poetry discovered that poetry is more in our day-to-day work lives than we once thought. In an article written by Glynn Young, he discovered as a young speechwriter that reading poetry was not only essential to his career, but to the development of the workplace. From meetings to mission statements to workplace policies, there was poetry everywhere Glynn looked.

“It wasn’t only because poetry directly applied to the work I was doing as a speechwriter. I learned about why the work I was doing was important, and why all work is important…I learned that poetry is there, at work. All I had to do was look for it. This is why the Tweetspeak Poetry editorial staff decided to name today as Poetry at Work Day. It’s not that we want to bring attention to poetry. It’s that we want to bring attention to the poetry that is already there in the workplace, and the poetry that is being created through work.”

Glynn Young, Tweetspeak Poetry

Especially when the constant grind of work is getting us down, it’s essential to take some time for yourself. Tweetspeak Poetry has gone the extra mile by creating a downloadable resource packet with inspiration to make sure that you enjoy this Poetry at Work Day to the fullest. What better way to decompress in the office than by celebrating communication at its finest?

Benefits of Bringing Creativity to the Workplace

Poetry at Work Day infographic showing that 60% of CEOs put creativity as the most important leadership quality to have.

It’s not just the workers that can benefit from honoring poetry while working. In a survey done by IBM,1500 CEOs were asked what is the most valuable leadership quality to have. The top answer? Creativity. 60% of CEOs determined that if you want to be a leader in your workplace, creativity is the one skill that needs to be nurtured and cherished. This skill set ranked higher over qualities like integrity and global thinking. If you’ve always had a knack for finding creative or unique solutions in your workplace, you might already be at an advantage.

Poetry at Work Day only enhances these traits. While this holiday should be celebrated every time you walk into your workplace, just spending a little bit of time thinking creatively can make a difference in your work. Poetry requires you to simplify what you want to say in concise but meaningful ways. This will only make it easier when trying to figure out solutions to hurdles that pop up while working on complex assignments. If you can break the problem down into smaller points, the solution may come easier to you.

Poetry at Work Day benefits. Lightbulb with business categories around it.

In addition, reading and writing poetry can help you become a better communicator. Working with numerous coworkers can feel a bit hectic, but taking a few minutes each day to read poetry strengthens your communication skills. Instead of being nervous, take the confidence that your favorite poet has, and apply it to your everyday life. Even though Poetry at Work Day only lasts 24 hours, the effects of it can be felt for the rest of your career. 

Ways To Celebrate This Poetic Holiday

Now that you know how and why Poetry at Work Day holds so much weight, let’s take a look at five different ways companies of every shape and size can celebrate the world of creativity.

1. Write Poetry

Ways to celebrate Poetry at Work Day. The words 'write poetry' on a napkin next to a cup of coffee and dessert.

Have you been feeling burnt out by the end of your shift? Then maybe it’s time to turn the gears in your mind to something a little bit more fun. Writing poetry at work doesn’t have to be a masterpiece. Whether you write a few stanzas or a whole epic, it can be about the simplest of things. The pencil on your desk, the gossip around the water cooler, or just about working itself. No matter what you decide to write about, the important thing to remember is that your brain got a moment of creative reprieve.

2. Share Your Poems

Ways to celebrate Poetry at Work Day. A person in a white sweater reading a poem to a group.

For places that have more than a few creative thinkers in the office, a nice way to commemorate Poetry at Work Day is to share your hard work with others. Not only is this a great team-building exercise, but everyone can have fun with it! These poems don’t need to be serious. You’re already doing hard work with your everyday tasks, so let loose by writing whatever you want. This can turn into a Slam Poetry night at work, or you can just exchange your writing with your favorite work bestie. Whatever the case, it’s always nice to have a creative discussion with other like-minded people. 

3. Make a Poetry Board

Ways to celebrate Poetry at Work Day. Bulletin board with papers on it.

Want to share your writing but are still a little too nervous to do it in person? We’ve got just the thing. The ideas for creative collaboration are endless, and this next idea really takes the cake. Instead of handing your work off for somebody to read, why not put up a poetry board in the workplace? Everyone is invited to share their poems, and unless you put your name on them, no one will be the wiser. It can be hard to share something so personal, so having Poetry at Work Day with a hint of anonymity might be just the right way to express yourself.

4. Read a Poetry Book

Ways to celebrate Poetry at Work Day. Two poetry books opened next to a cup of coffee.

If you’re the type of person to enjoy quiet time during your breaks, then you’ll want to celebrate with a nice book in your hands. Poetry is such an extensive genre that you can find poetry for just about any topic. A great way to expose yourself to all different kinds of writing is by reading a poetry anthology. With the works of the greatest poets of all time, you’ll be able to broaden your understanding of just how important creativity is, especially in the workplace.

5. Hire a Poet for the Day

Ways to celebrate Poetry at Work Day. A woman in a grey sweater reading poetry.

Does your company bring in guest speakers to boost morale? Then they might want to think of hiring a poet to honor Poetry at Work Day. What better way to recognize the talent and influence that poetry has over our society than by listening to it firsthand? This can make for the perfect after-work activity for everyone. While employees get to see professionals thrive in their craft, the company can help creatives who are looking for any type of support. It’s a win-win! 

No matter what way you decide to observe this year’s Poetry at Work Day, just make sure you have fun while doing it. Reading and writing poems can help your career more than you might’ve thought. After realizing all the ways that a simple poem can improve your skills, you might just want to pick up some poetic stories instead of working through the night. 

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