Percy Jackson Disney Plus Series Casts Poseidon and Zeus!

The Big Three gods have been announced! Brace yourself for thunder, lightning and earthquakes because Zeus and Poseidon are coming!

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It’s official! After months of fan speculation and manifestation, the official Percy Jackson account has finally revealed that Poseidon will be played by Toby Stephens and Zeus will be played by Lance Reddick.

Official Actor Announcement

The Percy Jackson and the Olympians Disney Plus series, adapted from Rick Riordan’s book series of the same name, has finally announced the actors who are playing Zeus and Poseidon. Fans have long been clamoring for news on this front, with much speculation and hope that Logan Lerman himself, who once played Percy Jackson in the 2010 adaptation, would be playing Poseidon in the upcoming series.

However, the official announcement has finally come, revealing that Poseidon will be played by Toby Stephens and Zeus will be played by Lance Reddick.


Stephens and Reddick join the three leads – Walker Scobell as Percy Jackson, Poseidon’s son, Leah Sava Jeffries as Annabeth Chase, Athena’s daughter, and Aryan Simhadri as Grover the satyr – and the rest of the well-stocked Percy Jackson and the Olympians cast.

Filming Wrap Date


Filming for the Percy Jackson series is almost complete, with Rick Riordan having promised that the series will wrap shooting in mid-January. The actors and Riordan himself are optimistic for more seasons of the upcoming series and, given that Riordan’s series has five books, two companion books, two spin-off series featuring the same main characters and one more upcoming new book featuring the original core three, there is no shortage of material for the series to work with.

Upcoming Percy Jackson Content

The teaser trailer for the upcoming series dropped back in September 2022, featuring an iconic book-accurate voiceover from Walker Scobell as Percy Jackson and footage of Camp Half-Blood. Given that the series is already teased as “Coming Soon” on Disney Plus itself, fans can only hope that the series itself will be released soon.


Until the Disney Plus series drops, click here for more news about the Percy Jackson and the Olympians Disney Plus series, and stay tuned for more news about Rick Riordan here!