Official Trailer Shows What Makes ‘Daisy Jones & the Six’ Famous With New Music Release

The fictional band, Daisy Jones & the Six, becomes more real. Amazon Prime shares the first teaser with news of their upcoming debut album “Aurora.”

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The adaptation of the popular novel by Taylor Jenkins Reid, Daisy Jones & The Six, premieres on March 3rd on Amazon Prime Video. New episodes for the series will release every Friday through March 24. Recently, an official teaser released as well as an announcement with some exciting news.

Daisy Jones & the Six focuses on a 70s rock band forming between Daisy Jones, a solo artist, and The Six, a classic rock band, to produce a unique album. The story shows their rise in the music scene as one of the biggest bands and their fallout while also diving into each of the band members’ lives.


With the release of the first teaser, it shows glimpses of the band’s moments together on tour as well as while recording. It highlights the real story of the band as well as the relationship between Daisy Jones (played by Riley Keough) and Billy Dunne (played by Sam Claflin). The teaser reads: “Their music made them famous. Their breakup made them legends.” It gives us glimpses of the music group but also a peek at the series’ documentary style with the interview scenes with the band members. 

More on the Music That Made Them Famous

However, it seems like the series isn’t the only thing about the 70s band releasing on March 3rd. Of course, fans of Daisy Jones & the Six are rejoicing as it seems the series isn’t as fictional anymore. Not only are the story and characters being brought to life in the Amazon Prime series adaptation, but they’re also making sure to bring Daisy Jones & the Six’s music to life as well. So now fans can officially rock out to their music.

Daisy Jones & the Six adaptation by Taylor Jenkins Reid

The band’s lead single, “Regret Me,” is now out for fans to listen to for the first time. It is also featured in the teaser trailer. “Regret Me” is a duet between Daisy and Billy with lyrics like, “You regret me and I regret you / You couldn’t handle your liquor and you can’t see the truth.” Daisy writes the song as a kiss-off to Billy, “leaning into the notion that women could be powerful enough to not only destroy an entire band but an entire genre” according to Rolling Stone.

Daisy Jones & the Six and Their Debut Album

Album cover for Aurora by Daisy Jones & the Six

With the release of “Regret Me,” Atlantic Records also announced the release of the band’s debut album, Aurora. Grammy-winning songwriter and producer, Blake Mills produced the album. It will be released on March 3 alongside the show’s premiere. The album consists of 11 songs and stars Riley Keough, Sam Claflin, Suki Waterhouse, Will Harrison, Josh Whitehouse, and Sebastian Chacon. Aurora is available for pre-save, but a vinyl is also available for pre-order.  

According to Variety, Taylor Jenkins Reid shared her thoughts on the album, saying:

“We finally have ‘Aurora.’ A stunning, nostalgic, timeless album that captures the drama, pathos and yearning of the band’s zenith and nadir all in one. A snapshot of time, intoxicating and dangerous. That delicious moment that you know can’t last… Daisy Jones and the Six are real. And they are better than my wildest dreams.”

Taylor Jenkins Reid for Variety

Here is the full tracklist for Aurora:

  1. “Aurora”
  2. “Let Me Down Easy”
  3. “Kill You to Try”
  4. “Two Against Three”
  5. “Look at Us Now (Honeycomb)”
  6. “Regret Me”
  7. “You Were Gone”
  8. “More Fun to Miss”
  9. “Please”
  10. “The River”
  11. “No Words”

We are beyond excited to see Daisy Jones & the Six and their music brought to life but until its release, we’ll just keep looping the trailer for glimpses of Daisy Jones & the Six as well as their addicting lead single, “Regret Me.”

Undoubtedly, Daisy Jones & the Six is one of the most highly anticipated adaptation releases for 2023. So, make sure to stay up to date with other adaptations coming out in 2023.

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