New Developments Released for Babel Screen Adaptation

Read on for new developments for the soon-to-be screen-adapted bestseller by R.F. Kuang!

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Babel book cover is in the center, with script, film, and movie slate graphics on the sides.

As Babel by R.F. Kuang finds a home with an independent studio, Wiip, alongside Temple Hill Entertainment on the producing end, we may soon see an adaptation on the horizon! Since everything is still in the beginning stages, it will be interesting to see what approach will be taken to portray the events at Oxford University’s Institute of Translation.

The Rise of Babel

Since its release in 2022, Babel’s popularity has certainly skyrocketed, as the book won Blackwell’s Book of the Year for Fiction in 2022 and the Nebula Award in 2023 and topped both The New York Times bestseller list and The Sunday Times. Through this, conversations on language and translations were brought to light.

Book cover of Babel with author R.F. Kuang's name on the top, while showcasing tower in Oxford in the center.

During Power of Language week at Wesleyan University, Kuang talked about when translations can become a weapon used in imperialism while also being a way to spread languages. Robin, the main character in Babel, experiences this directly in the book — the power of language and the weaponizing of it, too.

Adaptation Anticipation

With the rich story that Babel contains, the search is now on to find a writer for the adaptation. Paul Lee and Josh Stern, the executive producers from Wiip for this project, are fans of the book and Kuang’s overall storytelling, which will hopefully breathe life into the characters and the complex translations, too.

We’ll continue to look forward to new developments as Babel moves from page to screen.

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