Nevertheless, We’re Impressed with Alexandra Mellott’s New Book

Words are wonderful. They can free us, heal us, and entertain us. Nobody knows this better than Alexandra Mellott – author and illustrator extraordinaire!

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pink and gold sunset or sunrise with two flocks of birds in the sky. Book Cover is of Nevertheless by Alexandra Mellott.

Alexandra Mellott has multiple years of experience in creative and technical writing, copyediting, and proofreading. She has been published in literary magazines and featured on social media for her writing and poetry. And now we have more to celebrate: the publication of Nevertheless, Alexandra’s first book! I had the privilege to tap into the thoughts of this talented author, and I’m here to share them with you. So, keep reading for the full-length interview — and don’t miss the bookish confessions added at the end!

Where does it all come from?

Beige background. Text says " Words. Words are wondrous things."

Publishing your first book is an indescribable feeling, or so I hear! I just had to know what that feels like — and how it all started for Alexandra Mellott. Then, as a fellow poet myself, I dove straight into the heart of Alexandra’s new book: her poetry and what inspires it.

Congratulations on publishing your first book! How does it feel?

It feels amazing! To be able to hold the book that you wrote in your hands is an incredible feeling that hasn’t gone away — at least not yet!

When did you first start writing poetry?

I actually hated poetry in high school. I hated anything that rhymed, and I especially hated Shakespeare (please don’t come for me), so it wasn’t until my college professors really explored the topic that I actually began to like it. That’s when I realized that poetry doesn’t have to rhyme, and I started writing poems in my free time.

What is poetry to you?

Poetry, to me, is a way to express my emotions and vulnerabilities as a human. We, as writers and readers, frequently find it hard to express our feelings to those around us (mostly because a lot of us are introverts), so poetry was a way for me to convey these complex emotions that I didn’t (or couldn’t) talk about.

Did you go to college for writing?

I attended the public school system through graduation, and then I attended a four-year public university, where I majored in English with a focus on creative writing and a minor in studio art.

On Writing

Beige background. Text says: If I could say all that I feel, I fear I would drown under an ocean of paper poems."

I dug into what every bookish person wants to know about the act of writing: how to see a book through to the end. I got to wondering about how, where, and when the poems in Nevertheless were written. And just how does a successful writer and artist like Alexandra Mellott overcome the challenges of writing and publishing?

Where and how do you do your writing?

I find digital writing now to be the easiest since that’s how most of your manuscripts are accepted nowadays, and it’s easier to print, but in high school, I used to use paper and pencil. I don’t do that as much anymore; most of my writing takes place in my bedroom on my bed with my laptop (I have a desk, but I don’t use it as much as I should), usually in the dark hours of the night/early morning. I’m best inspired when it’s pitch-black outside.

How old (or new) are some of those poems that made it into your book?

All of these poems were created around the same time, in February of 2024, but the ideas that I had for some of these poems were years old. There were certain events and emotions that I knew I wanted to write about for years, but I didn’t actually put together these specific poems until I was working on this book.

What were the biggest challenges you faced with getting this book finished, and how did you get through them?

I had challenged myself to write a poem each day, and I think that was the biggest challenge. I had to force myself to write even when I didn’t feel like it, or I had to do extra writing on the other days to make up the difference, but I just kept going. I didn’t allow myself to slack off, and that discipline is probably what got me through it. Had I not set that goal for myself, I definitely wouldn’t have made it to the end!

What was harder: writing and selecting the poems for the book – or – preparing and formatting the manuscript for publication after that?

Honestly, they were both difficult, but formatting the manuscript was probably harder, just because I knew less about it. The writing came (mostly) easy, but the formatting was something I had to mess around with and play with and fix (on numerous occasions) and learn as I went, so that part was probably more arduous.

What are you going to write next?

I’m currently writing a YA novel about a pirate captain (obviously morally gray) and a mage who become entangled in each other’s lives while solving a decades-old murder that may or may not involve a tyrannical monarchy and an illegitimate, secret crown prince that could threaten to tear the nation apart 🙃.

A Moment for Bookish Confessions

Beige background. Text says: I occasionally run my fingers over your tattered spine, pull you out, reminisce, and tuck you away safely, save you for another time.

I couldn’t end our interview without a little bookish fun! I asked Alexandra four questions only book lovers would understand.

Name three books on your bookshelf that you could never replace, even if you run out of space.

The Shatter Me Series by Tahereh Mafi, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, and the Vampire Academy Series by Richelle Mead.

Do you have other places where you stash your books?

Does my car count? 🤣 I have books everywhere. Like most readers, I have little-to-no bookshelf space left, so anywhere that has space, if I’m being honest! A good deal of them are on my desk (which is probably why I never have room to write there).

Be honest…when you got your first physical copy of your book, did you smell it?

Absolutely! I smell books that aren’t even mine, so it’s not a stretch for me to smell my own book!

If I told you I dog-eared several pages of my own copy of your book, would you hold it against me? 😛

The morally gray part of me wants to say yes, but the realistic part of me says no 🤣. I know so many readers who do that, so I’m not offended in any way, especially because it means you likely enjoyed those pages (at least, I hope so)!

Nevertheless, fans can’t wait for more!

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Inspired by personal struggles with depression and an appreciation of the highs, lows, and in-betweens of life, Nevertheless is a collection of poems that any reader can fall into. Yet, Alexandra’s beautiful use of language in her poetry is only half the marvel. How many writers actually see their projects through to publication? How many of us can hold our own book in our hands and smell its pages? We deeply thank Alexandra — the woman who’s been there and done that — for the time spent answering questions about writing and publishing and for the book lover’s confessional!

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