Need a New Webtoon? Diagnosis: Read Clinic of Horrors

If you are craving a short medical Webtoon that has supernatural occurrences and dark twisted humor, Clinic of Horrors is your new read.

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Have you suddenly been craving a new Webtoon comic that is comedic, dark, supernatural, and has a medical twist? Look no further! Clinic of Horrors is a fresh new take on a society with weird diseases that need curing. Written by Merryweather and art by PokuriMio, this Webtoon updates every Wednesday and Saturday.

Clinic of Horrors Plot


This Webtoon takes place in Capital City, where corruption and weird disease phenomena strike. The daily lives of its citizens are always in danger. Luckily, the Albright Clinic can help those in need…that is, for an extreme price. Join the doctor and his nurse as they explore the city’s corruption, monsters, and new diseases in every corner. Can they find a cure?

The Three Main Horrific Characters

Doctor Albright


Doctor Albright is a very enthusiastic and kind doctor. He has done research and has given his patients opportunities to fix their issues regarding health and strange diseases. He used to do work that was unethical and caused people harm; however, he now has his own clinic where he discovers new diseases and finds solutions to help people as much as he can…for an expensive price. He tends to leave administrative duties to Bianca, who is learning the ropes, while he enjoys video games in his downtime. He’s very positive and smiles a lot.

Nurse Bianca Abercrombie


Bianca is a nurse and assistant to Dr. Albright. She has a stoic expression at all times; you can’t tell if she’s happy, sad, or angry. She is good at fighting and is studying beside Dr. Albright to help learn about mutations, diseases, and remedies for the future of Capital City. Despite being a student at high school, she finds opportunities to learn and study medicine. She is neglected by her mother.

Mister Yellow


Mister Yellow has several businesses that are doing harm to the citizens of Capital City. He is a typical rich man who exploits the ideas of franchises to get more money in his wallet. He has done experiments on citizens to benefit his own agenda. Although we do not know the entirety of his plan, it is clear that Dr. Albright and Mister Yellow have a history. He will do anything to take over the city. He also collaborates with the comapny Eternal Gaming Cafe, which has caused bodily harm for many of its users.

If you enjoy short chapters, dark humor, and supernatural; Clinic of Horrors is a Webtoon I recommend that you read. For more updates on Webtoons, visit Bookstr on Wednesdays.