‘Homesick’: Can a Girl with Amnesia Survive the Apocalypse?

If you want a Webtoon thriller/apocalyptic gore fest, Homesick is the comic for you. Read to find out what monsters lurk and how an amnesiac makes sense of it all!

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Ready for a thriller/apocalyptic gore fest? The latest Webtoon Homesick is about an amnesiac who wakes up to the apocalypse. Creator Ms. Freaky updates every Tuesday. Her art style is quite distinctive with its color scheme so, if you enjoy dark pinks, I say go for it. The themes are dark and potray sensitive content, so fair warning and find out more!

Homesick Apocalyptic Plot

If you want a Webtoon thriller, apocalyptic gore fest, 'Homesick' is the comic for you. Read as you find out what monsters lurk and how an amnesiac makes sense of it all!

Rayne wakes up with no memories. She has no clue of the apocalypse, who she is, or who her family and friends are. Samael is just a delinquent who happened to find her on a rooftop. They make a deal to survive together in a world where cannibal-monsters, called Murks, roam. Will they survive and find a safe haven?

Apocalypse Survivors

Rayne Liebert


Rayne is an amnesiac who just woke up. What she sees is a strange guy staring at her, while letting her know that there is an apocalypse going on. She has no clue on who she was and how she got there. Worse, she has to rely on a stranger. She soon makes a deal to protect him at all costs until she is no longer needed. Hopefully Rayne can figure out who she is and how she ended up on that rooftop. Now, she must avoid the Murk monsters and hopefully find a place where there are survivors and maybe some answers to how this all happened.

Samael Keene


Samael is a tough delinquent. He didn’t expect the mysterious girl to wake up and have no idea what was going on. Losing his little sister Penny and having no family around, he’s been on his own. He has his pet cat Ogre for company. She brings out his only soft spot from an otherwise hard exterior. Samael takes pity on Rayne, as he makes a deal with her to join him to his next spot. When Murks are occupying the streets and surprising situations are thrown their way, he needs to figure out a way to gain his freedom and figure out a place of sanctuary.



Ken is Samael’s cousin. He used to be a prisoner; however, he is now free and has been roaming around with his new gang of misfits who have been trying to figure out what the Murks are and how to stop them. He has a huge soft spot for Sameal and Penny. He seems all fun and games, but he has hidden motives and feelings, and they might just crash to the surface.



Tomoha met the boss when he saved her from the Murks. She has excellent agility and fighting skills. She is very protected by boss and she cares about him alot. She isn’t taken out on missions much, but she is very welcoming and explains the benefits of the sanctuary. Upon first meeting Rayne, she claims she is someone she knew before. Tomoha is terrified of Gressil.



Navin is the youngest one in the group sanctuary. He has good knife and hand-to-hand combat skills. Compared to the other men in the group, he is more friendly and aproachable. It’s said he had an older brother. He gets along well with Ken and Tomoha the most.



He is just a little boy who lost his parents before the apocalypse began. He is ill and infected, sweet and innocent. Rayne encounters a special case for those who have survived the Murks.

Boss, Gressil, Gladiolus

IMAGE VIA WEBTOON, EDITED BY CANVA, Homesick characters from left to right (Boss, Gressil, and Gladiolus)

Starting from left to right, here are three characters that you’ll get to meet and cringe from. The first is the boss and leader of the sanctuary for survivors. He used to be a teacher and has experience in leadership. He gets along well with Tomoha, since he saved her from the Murks. Together, they began this alliance to help others in need, but things are dangerous and there are a few flaws in their system.

Gressil is chaotic and likes to cause trouble. He is sinister and likes to scare the girls. His strength is known to be very dangerous, but he doesn’t cross the line with the boss though.

Gladiolus is the stoic type. He has very fast reflexes and strength. He usually keeps to himself and doesn’t say much. He specializes in shooting darts.

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