Nature: Queer Mountains, A Birdgirl, & Killer Wolves?-Three To Read

Spring is quickly approaching! Time to go outside, smell the flowers, and check out these three works that celebrate nature in unique ways.

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Hello, book lovers! As the clouds part ways to let the sunshine through, the earth is inviting us to look closer at nature as we approach spring. Today, we’ve handpicked three titles that show nature in various ways. With an array of options such as short stories, an autobiography, and a mystery novel, we’re hoping you’ll clear some space on your shelves for these picks!!

Hot Pick

A Natural History of Transition

by Callum Angus



Nature and magical realism are laced through each of the short stories in this collection. Just as nature is constantly transforming and changing, so are humans. Many of the stories center upon transgender characters that prove that there are many layers to transitioning and transforming. Various characters become elements of nature or are inhabited by it, such as Jenny in “Rock Jenny” transforming into a mountain. With excellent and vivid prose, each story is captivating and allows readers to question the way they respond to nature.


In his debut piece, trans author Callum Angus infuses queer ecology into each of his stories. Queer ecology essentially views elements of nature from a queer perspective and queer theory. Along with this unique outlook on nature, these short stories have been praised for their realistic portrayal of those in the transgender community.

Coffee Shop Read

Birdgirl: A Young Environmentalist Looks to the Skies in Search of a Better Future

by Mya-Rose Craig



19-year old Mya-Rose Craig has done it all at such a young age. She is an environmentalist, broadcaster, and most importantly, a bird enthusiast. She has seen over 5,000 birds in her lifetime, earning her the title, “Birdgirl.” In her autobiography, Craig details how each bird she encountered gave her a moment of peace amongst the chaos in her personal life. It is through her interactions with birds that she can see the destruction and inequality that is happening on our land.


At just 17-years-old, British-Bangladeshi Mya-Rose Craig became the youngest person to see half the birds in the world. She is not only a birder, but fuses environmentalism with activism for women of color. Readers will get to follow Craig’s young journey to further equality for all those that inhabit nature. Watch out for Birdgirl’s release on June 30th, 2022.

Dark Horse

Once There Were Wolves

by Charlotte McConaghy



For our final pick, we have a thrilling mystery set in the heart of nature. A team of biologists, led by Inti and Aggie Flynn, are in the Scottish Highlands to reintroduce fourteen gray wolves back into the wild. The sisters are not only back to repair the damage that has destroyed the landscape but also to piece together a mystery that has haunted them for years. Although the wolves seem to be adapting well, the murder of a farmer threatens the progress the wolves have made. Inti must look deeply at the people, animals, and nature around her in order to find the suspect before they hurt anyone else.


Known for her TIMES Magazine Best Book of the Year, Migrations, Charlotte McConaghy has returned with another nature-inspired novel. The story cleverly braids together fiction literature, mystery, and a critical look at nature to deliver a specific message about the relationship between humans and the environment.

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